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What to do When You're Having "One of those Weeks"...

Just breathe and realize you can't control everything

How to deal with a bad week

Ever have a truly horrible week, where within the first 12 hours, you know it's not going to get any better? Yeah. That's me this week.

In the last 24 hours, the following happened to me:

I learned that I'm going to be losing health insurance for both myself and my daughter within a month, and need to start the nightmare process of replacing it.

I had my floors cleaned, and the company that did it DESTROYED them - Like, the floors are more warped than the space time continuum in Back to the Future II.

My front veneer chipped and needs to be replaced.

Oh, and taxes are due.

Yeah. That kind of Monday.

When things like this happen, our first reaction is to constantly think about it. It invades our brain, and we think of nothing else. The bad stuff is all we can focus on, and it overpowers anything good that might come our way.

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Which, of course, is not even remotely healthy. I'm guilty of this, too. My daughter asked me out of the blue yesterday why I was so mad, and I didn't have an answer.

So I refer to one of my old favorites: "Can't change it."

I can't fix my floors today. There's a process. I have to go through it. But they'll be fixed.

I can't get new insurance today. There's a process. I have to go through it. But I will get it.

I can't fix my tooth today, no amount of rubbing my tongue against it will do anything. There's a process. I have to go through it. But it will be repaired.

My point is, time passes regardless of whether we worry about things or whether we let them go. Instead of worrying about my health insurance, or how horrible my floors look, or my stupid tooth, I'm going to focus on things I CAN do. I'm working on a fundraiser for Ukrainian animals who have been left or made homeless because of the war. (More on that later.) I'm traveling to South Africa tonight to give a speech, as well as meet the wonderful people at Hotel Hope Ministries - An amazing charity that helps babies in need and mothers in crisis in South Africa by addressing the root causes of these problems.

I'm fortunate enough to be in a position where I can still use my abilities and my brand for good, no matter how annoying things might be for me personally right now. So that's what I'm going to do. It doesn't mean I'm not going to curse a bit and get frustrated every time I look at my black hole of a living room floor or bite into a sandwich, but I'm not going to dwell on it.

Because in the end, time is going to pass, either way. I might as well be productive while it does.

Some food for thought on this Tuesday.

Much love,


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