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Have a Summer Olympics party!

Getting Started

There are so many ways of throwing an Olympic party that you can invite whoever you want to, no matter the age. There are ways to tailor the games to kids of all ages, and having entire families participate is a unique way to have fun together.

Olympic parties are great for extended family gatherings and for getting to know the parents of your child's friends.

Split into countries by family (or into small groups if it's just kids) at the start of the party and have everyone make simple paper signs to wear. Use construction paper, crayons, markers, felt, ribbons, glitter-- get as creative as you can!

Choose any country. It could be somewhere you’ve visited or always wanted to visit, where your family came from, or one you've never even heard of.

For another creative element, have teams represent imaginary countries. Families can design a flag and tell everyone where it is and what it's like there.

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The Games

Try a relay race/ obstacle course with varied activities for the different age groups. Have a stage for parents, tweens, toddlers, etc.

The dress-up relay is fun for everyone. Pick out a silly outfit for each team that you have to wear to crawl through a tunnel, do a bean-bag toss, or even eat a piece of cake before passing it on to the next cheering racer. include any of these and more in your events:

  • Javelin toss (with pool noodles for little ones)
  • Cup stacking (use any plastic cups that fit together well) Learn about the up and coming sport.
  • 20 seconds on the mat: freestyle gymnastics
  • Hula hoops: sway them on your hips or jump from hoop to hoop
  • Balance beam-- make it super wide and low for the little ones

If you decide to have rankings at the end, make a simple multi-level award stadium with milk crates, boxes, or tables draped with bright cloths of Olympic colors.


If your kids like to perform they could choreograph their own opening ceremony. Have their friends over to prepare in advance for the big day. They can decorate their own batons, make pompoms, and all kinds of Olympic props. Use our links below for suggestions for these and other great Olympic themed crafts.

Try the super easy Olympic rings with multi-colored tissue paper or the “world neighbors handprint poem craft”:

Check out these great Olympics and sports themed crafts

Make international flags with construction paper. Learn about the UN or the history of the Olympics:

Learn to make an Olympic torch, gold metals, and olive wreath

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