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Incredible Kids of the Hudson Valley

These kids Stand for Justice, Lead the Team and Never Give Up!

There's no denying it... The Hudson Valley is chocked full of Incredible Kids and parents just waiting for the opportunity to brag about them! For two months, we asked parents to tell us why their kids are so incredible for a chance to be featured in this issue and the opportunity to be on a 2018 cover of Hudson Valley Parent. We wanted to hear about kids that Stand for Justice, Lead the Team, and Never Give Up. Our staff was overwhelmed with all of the great submissions. We read stories about kids overcoming cancer, kids who have started their own business and kids that finally learned to use the big boy potty! Choosing our three finalists was not easy. Alas, after much deliberation, Hudson Valley Parent is proud to announce our first ever Incredible Kids!

We'd also like to extend a hearty thank you to our Incredible Kids sponsor, Children's Medical Group.

Have an Incredible Kid of your own? Submit photos of your kid who SAVES THE WORLD HERE.

Janessia M. of Fishkill and mom, Marion

Mom Marion says: "Janessia is very caring, loving, empathetic, generous and extremely talented. She has painted several works of art and donated them to raise money for local charities. She loves animals and nature. She is a rising professional make-up artist and enjoys drawing and applying makeup in her down time. She's been a great role model for younger children in our area."

Dylan B. of Walden and mom, Michelle

Mom Michelle says: "My child is incredible because of his passion for his friends and teammates. He is a leader both on and off the field. He radiates a confidence and excitement that is contagious despite the challenges he or his team face. He expects a lot from himself and is constantly pushing himself to be stronger and faster. He stands up for others and has a strong sense of what is right and wrong."

Jack S. of Highland and mom, Tammy

Mom Tammy says: "Unlike most kids in the Hudson Valley, Jack has 'bionic ears.' Jack has enlarged vestibular aqueduct syndrome and lost most of his hearing by age two. Jack had surgery right away and received a cochlear implant, which is digital hearing. His six year old sister was born deaf and has cochlear implants. Because of intense speech therapy since they were babies and the gift of hearing with cochlear implants, both kids attend school in mainstream classes!

Jack is an extremely friendly, outgoing, compassionate five year old who LOVES to make everyone laugh. He loves showing his "ears" off and telling other kids about them. He also loves taking Bruce Lee's Jeet Kun Do Kung Fu lessons. Nothing can stop this incredible kid!