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Non-food treats for Halloween trick-or-treaters

The Teal Pumpkin Project from FARE

Non-Food Treats for Halloween Trick-or-Treaters

Do you have a child with food allergies, or sensitivities? Do they ever feel like they are missing out on Halloween? My kids have a few sensitivities that we have to watch for, but there are still plenty of treats they can enjoy. I can't imagine what kids with a peanut or gluten allergy must have to worry about at Halloween. 

That's why this year we've decided to make our Halloween more inclusive for every trick-or-treater by participating in the Teal Pumpkin Project. You can learn more about their mission here. But the idea is to put out some non-food treats any kid can enjoy, especially kids with food allergies. The teal colored pumpkin is a signal that there are allergy safe treats available at your home.

I found this licensed "official" teal pumpkin bucket at Michael's craft store, but you can get one at most large retailers. I love that it is a bowl and teal pumpkin in one. You can purchase just a teal pumpkin to leave out by the door and give out only non-edible treats. We choose to give out both.

We typically leave our treats outside while we take our kids through the neighborhood to trick-or-treat. We use the honor system which has so far worked for us. Thankfully we have enough neighbors close by who watch for double dippers. This year we will add our teal pumpkin bucket filled with fun things like stampers, stickers, mini-bubble wands and fun Halloween erasers, mini clappers and stress balls. These can all be found at the dollar store. If you want to buy in bulk you can order online, or stop by your local party supply store.

When I went to the website to learn more about the project, I discovered a free resources area. There are flyers, signs and stickers you can print out explaining the teal pumpkin. This project is still growing and may need some explaining to friends and neighbors. I printed out a sign to keep next to our pumpkin bucket to explain the project and to let parents know there are safe treats here. I hope to print out a yard sign to put out the week before so other families can plan where to find non-edible treats, and to help spread awareness.

My kids are excited to help me pick out items to give away. Do you put out a teal pumpkin at Halloween?

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