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Noah's Park Retreat

Discover, enjoy, spend the day!

Out in the farmland of Goshen, NY there is an exotic animal sanctuary. This place is absolutely amazing, and well worth the drive! Noah's Park Retreat is passionate about sharing their love of animals with the local community. They graciously accept visitors (by appointment only) 7 days a week. For a nominal 10$ donation, per person, they allow visitors to hold, pet and feed both exotic and native animals. Some that my family had never seen in real life before, It was so fantastic!

As you enter the sanctuary, up a long and winding hill, rock sculptures of animals greet you and your family. A quiet white deer and a snarling bear both tell you that this promises to be a very special place.

There is a small parking lot at the top of the hill and three buildings come into view. Chris is your tour guide, and will lead you through your visit. There are pigs, goats, mini horses, alpacas, donkeys and deer all in large outdoor spaces. The trail system, to the right of the parking lot, leads to each of the farm animal enclosures.  They all love to be fed pears and other fruits and will gladly let you pet them for a treat! My daughter loved the baby deer with its large wet nose and gentle nuzzles.

On the other side of the parking area is where the peacocks, chickens, ducks and wallabies reside! The Wallaby area was my most favorite. They hopped around, some with baby joeys sticking their tiny heads out of the mom's pouch! It was probably the cutest thing ever. As if seeing them isn't enough they allow visitors to hold and touch these amazing creatures!

After your fill of baby wallabies, it's time for the other exotic creatures that are cared for at this incredible place. How about feeding mini marshmallows to a grateful, tiny marmoset, petting an ultra soft chinchilla or coaxing out a sleepy Prevost squirrel. The sanctuary is home to lots of special creatures such as, tortoises, armadillos, bush babies and others that most people have never encountered. I may have exhausted my use of  awwwww, it was all I kept saying!

As if encountering exotic animals isn't enough to entice you, the 7 acres at Noah's Park Retreat are set up like an oasis from real life. Peaceful paths lead to shaded benches, beautiful flower gardens and grassy knolls that you can spread a blanket on and watch the animals grazing or playing. There is also a playground area that is the perfect place to run, climb and act like human monkeys, which is very appropriate given the setting.

Noah's Park Retreat is truly an experience that your family will never forget! One of the only places in this area that allows people young and old to hold and interact with so many animals. Who else will be able to say they held an armadillo or a baby wallaby!? This park is a small drive outside the Hudson Valley but is one that should be a the top of your summer bucket list!

Tips for this visit:
  • Visits are by appointment only, you cannot just drop-in anytime to see the animals. Chris can be contacted by phone: 845-421-5365.
  • The appointments to see the animals are available 7 days a week, they accept any size group.
  • They are open year-round, during winter and muddy season I strongly suggest wearing boots.
  • There is a donation of 10$ a person, the sanctuary is a not-for-profit so they survive on donations.
  • The owners and guides are extremely friendly and super kid friendly, this is appropriate for any age!
  • The retreat is stroller friendly.
  • There are public bathrooms.

For more information visit Noah's Park Retreat online!

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