Revamp your Routine

Having a hard time adjusting to the school year rhythm? We hope these suggestions for handling your busy day-to-day life help get you on track.

Organization Day

Choose your least hectic day to check your plan for the coming week. It can be Friday night, Sunday afternoon or any time that works for you. If you have a special commitment coming up on an organization day, be sure to find time on the day before or after.

·         Keep an in-bin where you put school notices, banking and other paperwork. If you’d like, get one with two slots, one to do this week (on your organization day) and another labeled ASAP that need to be done by that day or the next. If you get tons of papers it might help to have more specific labels like bills, memos, medical, etc.

·         Laundry check - Make sure everyone has enough clean clothes that they’ll want to wear for the week with a few alternatives in case of unexpected weather.

·         Purse/car check – Go through your purse or briefcase and take out anything that doesn’t need to be in there and put in things that do. Take out more cash if you’re going to need it. If you keep your receipts, organize them.

·         Shopping – Is there anything important missing from the pantry? Make a shopping list (and if you have time) go get them. Will you need anything for your commitments throughout the week? Pick it up while you have the time.

Daily Prep

If it’s hard to wake the kids up for school, before beginning the struggle of getting the sleepyheads awake, give yourself a few minutes to mentally prepare. A hectic morning of brushing hair, making breakfasts and finding little shoes can cause you to forget appointments and obligations. Make sure you have a moment to gather your thoughts, look at your planner, make notes to yourself, or whatever you have to do to stay on track for the day.

Get yourself up and dressed first while the kids get a bit more sleep. You’ll be relaxed and better equipped to help them. Less multitasking, less stress.

Just for insurance, set more than one daily alarm. If you’re too groggy and accidentally shut off your alarm, at least you’ll be able to get up to one in the kids' room.

Sample Schedule

6am – Wake up, shower and dress

6:30am – Wake and dress the kids.

7:00 – Make breakfast (and bag lunches)

7:30 – Have kids brush teeth and make sure they’re set to go out to the bus

8:00 – Bus pick-up…

3:00 – After the kids get home from school and get a snack (if they need one) ask them about their day and be sure that you know you’re glad to see them jumping right to homework.

4:00 – Once it is time for homework, go over it with them to be sure they know what to do.

5:00 – Once they’re done or have got a hang of it enough to work on their own for a while, get started on dinner.

6:00 – Dinner

7:00 – Independent play or reading.

7:30 – Bath time

8:00 – Make sure that everything they’ll need for the next day (full backpack and clothes) is laid out and toys are put away. It's good to lay out clothes for the next day and plan what they'll have for lunch.

8:30 – Bedtime for the kids (give or take, depending on age and individual needs of the child).

10:00 – bedtime for you. It may seem early, but skipping some TV time in exchange for sleep (even if it’s a show you like) really will make you happier. Getting the right amount of sleep will have a positive impact in more aspects of your life than you may realize. You’re mood will improve so you’ll enjoy your family and friends more, perform better at work, and be in better physical shape. If you’re trying to lose weight, there is no better and easier way to start than going to bed.

We hope these tips help - have a great school year!