Finding ‘me’ time after baby

Time to yourself helps recharge your batteries

How to find time for yourself after baby

Taking care of baby is a wonderful experience for moms and dads, but it can be very stressful when there’s no time to relax.

Being a parent is a full-time job and there are times when parents just want some room to breathe and freedom to pursue other activities and hobbies.

Having a baby shouldn’t mean that your time for yourself is gone; it just means that you need to work harder to make time for yourself.

Parents should remember to reward themselves from time to time for all their hard work by creating some “me” time.

Here are some ideas for entertaining baby so parents can get some personal time in.

Take advantage of nap time

When baby is asleep, this is the best time for parents to get in anything that they have been putting off. These are truly the only times during the day when you have time for yourself and it’s important to make the most of them.

Do what makes you feel most relaxed, whether that’s through reading a book, giving yourself a manicure, or catching up on your favorite TV show.

Take turns with your partner

Raising a child is easiest when you have a partner who you can take turns with when it comes to watching the baby. When mom needs to have some personal pampering time, dad can take baby off her hands and go for a walk and vice versa. If one of you really needs a break, it’s nice knowing that you have someone else who can take over for a bit.

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Have a date night 

There will come a time when you and your partner want to go out on a date night and spend some alone time without baby. Find a babysitter in the neighborhood or someone you trust like a family member or friend who will agree to watch the baby for one night. You can plan to do this at least once a month; this me time (really “we” time) helps to keep you and your partner connected and is a way to rekindle the romance that sometimes gets lost after having a baby.

Take up offers from the family

Many times after having a baby your friends and family will offer to watch the baby for you from time to time. Immediately after having your baby you may not feel ready to leave baby with someone else, even if it’s family. But after some time has passed, you should rethink these offers to help. It’ll be good for you to get a break and it’s good for baby to bond with other family members.

Take longer showers

As a parent you learn to cherish those peaceful moments in the shower without having baby around. A long, hot shower feels amazing after a day of hard work and chasing around a little one. Spend a little more time in the shower or bath with some home spa treatments like body scrubs and bath bombs and you’ll step out feeling refreshed and ready to take on anything.

Invest in a bouncy swing or pack ’n play

When you have a little one in the house you can’t take your eyes off them for a second, which makes it almost impossible to get anything done. Having a bouncy swing or pack n play creates a safe place for you to put baby and keep him close by while you do whatever it is that needs to be done. Babies love bouncing around in the swing and you can place them in the pack n play with toys to keep them occupied while you work.