Top 10 apps for new moms

New mommy? There's an app for that.

From learning the ins-and-outs of motherhood to making sure your family has been fed a nutritious home-cooked meal, motherhood is a full-time job! There are some great applications to download on your smartphone to make motherhood a bit easier. It might be worth a shot to become an iMomma.

1. BabyCenter My Pregnancy Today. Stay up-to-date on your pregnancy day-by-day.  See how your body’s changing, pregnancy checklist, free pregnancy videos, nutrition guide and pregnancy progress tracker.

2. I’m Expecting – Pregnancy App.  This free pregnancy app lets you track your symptoms, your pregnancy weight gain, doctor’s appointments, and more. It gives you weekly updates on your baby’s growth and development and expert advice on how to alleviate common pregnancy symptoms. You can even take photos of your growing tummy every week and create a slideshow.

3. Fertility and Pregnancy Calculator. 
If you’re trying to get pregnant, this free app helps calculate your ovulation date and fertile days, it even tells you when to make love to improve your chance at pregnancy. For pregnant women, it allows you to keep up-to-date on when important pregnancy tests should be done and when pregnancy events occur.

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4. Baby Names.
  Coming up with baby names can be hard! This app has over 25,000 boy and girl names for you to browse. The free version doesn’t give you the detailed information about each name, but the paid version does. You can browse the names by country of origin, popularity and gender.

5. m Pregnancy.  This app is a great tool for your partner if he seems reluctant to read baby books. It contains information about the baby’s development in male-friendly terms (for example: your baby’s size is at one point compared to a beer lid), tips on how to prepare a nursery, and a scoreboard that displays the number of days left until the baby arrives.

6. Contraction Master.
 This contraction app is invaluable in letting you know when it is time to head to the hospital. The app is very simple and easy to use -- just tap the screen once when your contraction starts and again when it ends. The Contraction Master app will automatically calculate the frequency and duration of your contractions. You can also email the entire history of your contractions to your doctor or midwife.

7. Positive Pregnancy with Andrew Johnson.
 This app help you cope with the stress and anxiety you may experience while pregnant. This app includes positive affirmations and several relaxation techniques to help you relax and sleep better.

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8. Kick to Pick.
 Having trouble picking a name? This app generates tons of potential baby names for your baby to pick from.  The app claims to register your baby's level of enthusiasm for each pick by monitoring your belly movements.

9. My Baby's Beat.
Skip the pricey heart-monitor, this app lets you listen to the sounds of your baby's heartbeat with your phone's microphone and ear phones. You can record sessions to save for later, email to grandparents or share via email.

10. Baby Connect. 
This baby tracking app deciphers your baby’s cries and tells you what they need. Baby Connect will also let you know when your baby last slept, last ate, when you pumped and how long she/he was doing all these things.