Cool new food savers from Lasting Freshness

Vacuum seal your food to keep it fresh longer

No more yucky leftovers

Are you tired of throwing out the science projects in your fridge? Help is here.

Recently I received an innovative product to keep food fresh. They are plastic containers that can be vacuum sealed from Lasting Freshness.

After testing them, I can tell you they work great. To start with the containers are super sturdy. I got a 19 piece set that included the containers, a lid for each and a vacuum sealer. The set contains: (1) 5.5 qt.; (1) 3.7 qt.; (3) 1.5 qt.; (2) 26 oz.; (2) 18 oz. containers. The lids have a seal around the edge, locks on all 4 sides, and a built in valve on the top. You use the vacuum seal to pump the air out of the container once you have sealed and locked it.

The company claims that using this patented handheld vacuum food storage system your food is preserved up to 5 times longer than food stored using conventional grocery storage methods. That really does seem to be true. Check out their chart below.

I put away cheese, deli turkey, a sliced avocado, meatballs and blueberries, and sealed them up with the super easy to use pump. You can tell when the air is pumped out because it gets more difficult to pump. You can use them in the microwave without the lid and put them in the freezer. When you want to get the food out, just push the edge of the valve to break the seal. I use it with my deli items daily and it's easy to reseal. I keep the pump right in my drawer by the fridge.

They are easy to wash and you can remove the gasket and the valve for better cleaning.

I give this product 5 stars. Go ahead and try them yourself.

As a bonus, when I logged onto their website, I was immediately offered money off my first purchase. The company also sells other useful kitchen gadgets and flavored sea salts. You can also buy the containers on Amazon.

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