Never Change to Match Your Surroundings

Just be you

Just be you

I was on CNN this morning the first time in studio (vs in my living room) in 18 months and I knocked it out of the park. The dopamine I got from that is fueling my entire day. Walking home from the studio, I was jamming to one of my favorite workout songs. I may have been a bit over-excited from my interview, and I may have been dancing as I walked home.

When I walked back into my apartment, I was still dancing. I grabbed my daughter and twirled her around a few times, interrupting some very important Minecraft construction.

"UGH! You're so embarrassing, Dad!" (She's eight.) Lesson time!

I told her: "Jessa, I probably do embarrass you - that's what dads do for their kids. Sorry!"

She walked right into my trap and said "I don't ever want to be embarrassing!"

So I said to her the following, and I say it to you, as well:

1) Never apologize for being yourself. If people don't like how you look, how you act, how you speak, or what you do, THOSE ARE NOT YOUR PEOPLE.

2) Don't EVER change who you are to match your surroundings. PICK BETTER SURROUNDINGS.

I will continue to try and drive that lesson home for her each and every day. I know I won't always succeed, but I'm going to keep trying, because out of all the lessons I've learned in my life, THAT is the one I wish I'd learned when I was her age, instead of in my mid-30s.

BE YOURSELF. That's all you got, my friends.

Much love,


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