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Must Read Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The truth about keeping healthy. Must Read Articles for You.

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Inching towards a vaccine...slowly 
Good news on Monday. Skepticism on Wednesday

Staying healthy the easy way
Social distancing can bring out the worst in people

Are they ready? Are we ready?

Other articles by HVP News Reporters

  • How some graduation ceremonies for our Hudson Valley 2020 high school seniors may happen

    School officials struggle to make the event memorable

    Some Hudson Valley high schools have announced their high school graduation plans, while most have not shared their final decisions. read more »
  • Answering our kid’s questions about violence in the world

    How to answer current concerns in an age-appropriate way

    There are actions that parents can take to help their young children get some age-appropriate understanding of the violence they my hear of or see taking place read more »
  • Many Covid-19 cases can be treated at home

    But be wary if you experience shortness of breath

    Many Covid-19 cases can be treated at home. But know the signs when it is important to call your doctor. If the shortness of breath worsens from day to day, that’s a critical sign. read more »
  • Hair-raising changes at our beauty salons

    Will we be washing our own hair?

    Many have waited more then three months for a professional haircut. But the rules for using the services of a hairstylist or a barber will change during the Phase 2 opening of beauty parlors and barber shops. read more »
  • Is your child afraid of the masks we wear?

    Ways to make wearing masks and seeing others wearing them less frightening

    There are children who find Halloween frightening, children who hate clowns, children who react badly to anyone without a standard human face. Three suggestions on how to help your child if they are wary of masks read more »
  • Mall Shopping – Reinvented for Covid-19

    Retail shops in malls start reopening at Poughkeepsie Galleria and the Galleria at Crystal Run

    The Galleria’s in Middletown and Poughkeepsie are introducing Curbside Pick-up where shoppers can place orders with retail shops for pick up at specified locations. read more »
  • Sidewalk poetry with chalk for all of us kids!

    A challenge for the entire family

    Join the Daniel Pierce Library and Sullivan County Poet Laureate Lisa Caloro in this poetry challenge. Write a poem anywhere outside. Take a photo and send it to the library. What fun! read more »
  • Where do children learn racial bias?

    How it is addressed at home makes all the difference

    Parents need to know that talking about race is not racist. It's OK—and important. Parents need to know that talking about race is not racist. It's OK—and important. From a young age, children may have questions about racial differences and parents must be prepared to answer them. But, it's important to keep your child's developmental readiness in mind. read more »
  • Must-Read Tuesday, May 26, 2020

    The scoop on contact tracing, talking to kids about the pandemic, COVID-19 and pregnancy

    Up-to-date local news read more »
  • "Dad, What is Covid?"

    14 key points to talk to your kids about this pandemic

    While there are no right or wrong ways to talk to our kids, preparing for that talk may make that conversation a bit easier on all. The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry layouts out 14 key points as a path to the discussion. read more »