Mother’s Day celebrated in different ways

Moms of different stages recall their journeys through motherhood

Amberly Jane Campbell

The family of Amberly Jane Campbell of Rosendale celebrated a happy anniversary last year and includes, from the left, Dominick Martorana, JoAnna Evans, Rose Martorana, Mary Celia Timperio and Joe Martorana. Campbell is in the front, right, holding the sign.

Depending on the stages in life and circumstances that different mothers encounter during their life journey, the result of each is personal Mother’s Day story. Each mother honors Mother’s Day differently and has a unique story to tell about her life’s journey as a woman. 

From a grandmother’s perspective, Mother’s Day can take on a reflective meaning. Typically, grandmothers have experienced many stages of being a mother and, like Lyn Patton of Pleasant Valley who is a grandmother to her daughter’s daughter, might be watching their daughter go through all the phases as a mother now. 

A grandmother’s perspective. For Patton, honoring Mother’s Day has taken on a new meaning because now she is watching her daughter’s child celebrate her mom each year in new and different ways. Patton also gets to almost relive all the memories of her child that is now grown. 

“When they are born, you want to hold that memory in your heart forever,” said Patton. 

Next come the tears, smiles, poopy diapers first words and steps, she said, and later, the awareness of recognition and realization of their mom as their mother and, sometimes, best friend.  

“At this point come the words I love you, Mommy,” said Patton. “And she may even start to write stories about you and express her love and a sense of what Mother's Day is all about to honor you as a mother.” 

As the years flew by and her daughter’s restless teen years appeared, Patton found that she went from being called Mommy to Mom, “the one who doesn't know anything and doesn't understand anything,” Patton said. “The precious little angel was growing up. Mother’s Day didn’t feel like it did when she was a little girl.”

As Patton’s daughter became a young woman and then a parent, she developed ideas about life and moments of sadness that seem that inevitable for mom. 

“But, before you know it, life has come full circle and even reversed itself for both of you,” Patton said. “Mom’s love only grows stronger with the passing years. I know mine has. Young or old, my daughter is my biggest accomplishment, ever.” 

Now, Mother’s Day has taken on a new special meaning for both Patton and her daughter. 

“I’m looking forward to a much more beautiful Mother’s Day and sharing them alongside my daughter, and dear friend,” she said. 

Each mom is special in her own way. 
Ultimately, this is what makes Mother’s Day personal and unique for everyone celebrating this special day. Take a moment in this busy world and pause for just a second and think about your walk so far. What circumstances or which people are shaping you as a mother? With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping physically families apart, how are you going to celebrate Mother’s Day? Share your plans in a comment, 

A mom’s view. Amberly Jane Campbell of Rosendale said that for her, Mother’s Day includes a grief through which she has preserved to follow a path to making herself the best person she can be in life. She now takes Mother’s Day and creates many wonderful ways to honor her mother in a way that would make her proud.  

“My mother Mary Celia was an amazing woman, and an artist, and she lived for her children,” she said. “I took care of her for the last year and a half of her life. She passed away in 2011 from Lou Gehrig’s disease, and her birthday is May 10, so Mother’s Day is especially difficult.”

Toward the end of her mother’s life, her mom cried over the realization that she’d never meet any of Campbell’s future children. 

“I never thought I would even have kids — never wanted them, never planned on getting married, I just wanted to travel and be free,” said Campbell. “But five weeks before she passed, I re-met a boy I knew when we were both 13 when we would make-out on the school bus, and I would take pictures of him skateboarding. This was 20 years later, we fell in love immediately, and mom knew. She just knew. And she was right. My daughter Ripley Celia was born in 2013.”

To honor her mother, Campbell made sure Ripley that knew all about her. 

“There are photos of my mother and her paintings all throughout the house,” Campbell said. “When Mother’s Day rolls around, I share particular ‘mom stories’ with my daughter, ones that highlight her culinary skill and hidden humor, we do art projects, and call my grandma, who is doing great at 101.”

Then, together, they share more memories of Campbell’s mom.

“Mother’s Day, to me, means doing the best I can, giving myself a break once in a while, spreading some love, and remembering the women who helped shape me into who I am today,” she said. “I’ll never be able to thank them enough.”

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