WEB EXCLUSIVE!! Mother's Day Gifts -- Mothers Want Gadgets!!

Ways to help streamline their lives

Hudson Valley Moms want gadgets.  So says the Max Borges Agency.  Forget the flowers and candy. Give 'em toys!  Here are some suggestions for the woman or mom in your life.

(Read about one mom's decision to leave the corporate world to be a full time stay at home.)

Handstand for iPad and iPad 2: A revolutionary rotational iPad case that maximizes functionality and protection.  $49.95 at www.thehandstand.com.

Smartfish: Whirl Mini Notebook Mouse: world's most comfortable mouse technology integrated into travel-friendly form factor for the mobile user.  $49.95 at www.getsmartfish.com.

IDAPT i3 Universal Desktop Charger: Simultaneously charge three different portable devices and clear cord clutter with one affordable system. $49.99 at www.idaptweb.com.

iSkin: silo Laptop Carriers: Line of fashionable laptop carriers that bring fun and function, while protecting your 13" - 15" Mac/PC.  $140-150 at www.iskin.com/silo.

SuperTooth Buddy: The perfect partner for making calls on the road.  This user-friendly Bluetooth speakerphone clips onto your sun visor and connects 2 phones at the same time, providing hassle-free talk time in the car.  $59 at www.SuperTooth.net.