Congratulations to the winners of HVP’s 2020 Mother’s Day contest!

Moms share on why they love being a mother

Mothers Day

Moms across the region told us what they love about being a mother. You’re sure to be as touched by their heart-felt stories and we were. Happy Mother’s Day!   

Winner Teline L. of Carmel won a $25 gift certificate to the restaurant of her choice, the Cheesecake Factory in Danbury.

I love being a mom for a million different reasons. However, if I must narrow it down to a few, here is my list:
1. My boys teach me to be better than yesterday. Every day is a chance to grow.
2. Being a mom keeps me active. I need to chase boys and squat to pick up toys.
3. I feel loved. We give each other hugs constantly and I tuck them in bed over the phone when I am at work.
4. I get to steer to little people in the right direction. I give my boys options and explain consequences. They are the future and I hope they will do amazing things with all they have learned from me.

Winner Kerry D. of Newburgh also won a $25 gift certificate to the restaurant of her choice, Hudson Taco in Newburgh.

I love being a Mom because I enjoy seeing the world through my daughter's eyes. Life can be crazy, now more than ever, and she really gives me a sense of peace. Children have an unconditional love and spirit about them that refocuses your life on what's really important. 

Here's what the other terrific moms said about the joys of motherhood

Karen M. of Wallkill|
I love being a mom because it gives me great pride to watch all three of my kids grow into their own person. They are each very special to me in their own way. They bring joy and hope to the world.

Irene D. of Modena
I love being a mom to our kids because it’s the most special thing to have a bond with your child, seeing them learn and grow.

Shari C. of Florida
I absolute love, love, love being a mom because, well, why not? I have two kids that are my absolute world. I would do anything and everything for them!  love them with all that I have!

Kristina M. of Highland
I love being a mom for so many reasons. It is a job I've always wanted, worked so hard to reach, and am grateful for every single day. I love that I have someone to adore unconditionally and get the same in return. I love that I have a never-ending purpose. I love that I get to help a person become their very best self and change the world. Being a mother is everything I dreamed it would be and more. Truly.

Angel J. of Middletown
I love of being a mom to my sons. I have an age difference between them, 22 years.  It's so great when he tells me I'm the best cook in the world. When he puts his arms around me and tells me I'm the best mom in the world.

Felicita C. of Newburgh
Being a mom is no easy task. You have to wear 100 different masks. It's a job I would never trade; it's how memories are made. We get to watch our children grow, watch them bloom, watch them become an amazing, younger you; a version of me, created by the love of my mom, who cared for and loved me and always kept her calm. Being a mom is no easy task and a job I love wearing my many masks.

Lisa P. of Putnam Valley
I am the mom of two boys and two girls. There is nothing that brings me more joy than spending time with them, teaching them, enjoying each of their unique perspectives on life. Each day is a treasure, and one I wouldn't give up for anything!

Jasmine A. of Newburgh
I love being a "Boy Mom!"Every day is a new adventure. My son knows when I'm down and does all he can to cheer me up, from making silly faces to dancing to telling jokes. He has pushed me to accomplish goals in life. My son has taught me if you don't achieve it the first time, do it again and again until you succeed. Being a "Boy Mom" means I'm guaranteed a Prince forever!

TinaMarie D. of Hopewell Junction
I waited so long to be a Mom. It was difficult for us to conceive. We have adopted our two children who are now 14 and 10, a girl Olivia and boy Jaden. I went through most of their pregnancies and was present and cut the cord at their birth. It has been wonderful and trying years. Both of my children have special needs. My daughter has ADHD and bipolar disorder. My son has many different diagnoses and is now living at a residential school here in the Hudson Valley.

I always wanted to be a mother and have a family that was truly my goal in life. I also knew raising children would be a difficult job making all the right decisions in raising them. God knows how hard it has been with so many issues that my children have but I will never give up and I live my life for them. With my son being in the residential school, his father and I have had the opportunity to be taught dialectical behavior therapy. This not only helps us in learning how to handle situations with my son, but it has made an impact on our lives in such a positive way. For this I am great full.

Being a mom and having many difficult situations has made me grow and become a better person myself. It’s also taught me to take care of me, just like in the plane when they tell you to put the oxygen mask on yourself first so you can help others. 

So, I love being a mom because I love being my kids’ rock! They made me a better person and I will always be that because of them. Nothing else’s would have made me grow in this way!

Krystle O. of New Windsor
I love being a mom because of everything that comes with it. The hugs, the smooches, the milestones. I have an almost 12-year-old and one on the way. I never thought we would be so lucky as to have another one, but fate has its way! Can’t wait to love another little human being as I love my daughter :) I feel so lucky being a mom!

Brittany F. of Port Jervis
There are too many reasons. My kids are pieces of my heart that I get to watch and help grow into their own persons. They make me laugh every day, not to mention are super cute? Being a mom is hard – I’m needed all day, but, honestly, they give me purpose?

Carolanne B. of LaGrange
I love seeing my children grow into their own person. Each one is unique and different in their own way!

Kathryn D. of New Windsor
There are so many reasons I love being a mom, but the paramount reason is that it makes me realize what is truly important in my life. Life’s daily struggles are insignificant when, at the end of the day, I see smiles on my children’s faces. Being a mom also gives me the opportunity to wear many hats, such as teacher, nurse, chauffeur, counselor, and activities coordinator. With so many jobs, it’s impossible to ever be bored.

As an older mom, my children have helped me stay young by enjoying the simple pleasures of my youth, like building snowmen, making forts out of blankets, reading nursery rhymes, chasing bubbles, and even blowing dandelions. Every season of my children’s lives, from childhood to now tween and teen, has taught me so many life lessons. Although many of their milestones have now passed, I will always have the joy of countless memories of motherhood. Being a mom is a fast-moving rollercoaster of many highs and even some lows, but I still say that, for me, this is the best job in the world.

Cindy L. of Poughkeepsie
I love being a mom because of the embrace I receive from my son at night before going to sleep. He grabs my head, tries to bite my hair, then pushes me down to his heart to kiss it goodnight. Then he giggles when I look at him and say, "Goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite - the real ones.” Then, I hug him and tell him that I love him. My son is nonverbal and life limited. I don't know how much longer our bedtime routine will last, but in this moment every night, that's when I love being a mom, having a special moment with her 11-year-old son. A mom that will fight to the end to find a treatment or cure for her son one day.

Meghan C B. of Fishkill
I love watching my children learn and grow. When they finally figure something out and the excitement and amazement they get on their faces it is just incredible.

Joanne M. of Wallkill
I love being a mom because it is so fulfilling. I have traveled, run several businesses and acted in a few projects, but it always comes back to my family and my best memories are of times spent with my kids. I am like the proverbial mama bear and would do anything for them. I love them “to the moon and back.”

Evelynette M. of LaGrange
I love being a mom because my children have pushed me to be a better person, citizen, and follower of God! They have shown me a love that only my children can give me. They inspire me to follow my dreams and extend my sanity to different ways of viewing and understanding life!

Joanne W. of Woodbourne
I love being a mom and grandma. I am at the age now where I need help sometimes. My daughters and granddaughter recently cooked for me and helped drive me after I had to have two emergency eye surgeries. Without my wonderful family, it would have been very difficult for me. They are always here for me as I am for them. My children and granddaughter are the loves of my life.

Suzanne W. of Wappingers Falls
Because my three children are, " You are the sun, the moon and all my stars," E.E. cummings. It's what I live for the chapters of motherhood. I'm blessed beyond what I ever dreamt about.

Margaret R. of Highland Mills
Because of the quarantine, I began a project of transferring old 8mm video tapes to DVDs. My college-aged kids came in and together we all watched videos of their toddler days: days at the beach, hunting for Easter eggs, playing in the sprinkler, and camping in the backyard. My 23-year-old daughter put her arm around me and said, "You were such a good Mom," to which my 20-year-old son replied, "And you still are!"

Claribel S. of Putnam County
I love being a mom because it's a gift! so many people can't get to be a mom and I'm pretty lucky.

Katrina F.  of Highland
I love being a mom so much because it's amazing the love they have, the wonder and curiosity in everything. As they grow, they help me grow as well.

Lori W. T. of Rhinebeck
I love being a mom because it really is the one thing in life that you do things because you truly love the person and not because you have to. I am the person I want to be when I look in the mirror as a parent – my actions are selfless without trying because it comes from my heart. (I am the parent of a child with multiple disabilities. My heart has been broken countless times since he was born, but it’s the love in my heart that gives my strength.)

Krista S. of Carmel
I love being a mom because there is nothing else on Earth like it, it is the greatest gift.  It is an overflowing fulfillment to experience these two bright, loving, caring people and watch them learn and grow every day. It is because of them that I am a better person as they have taught me so much with their words and actions. Being a mom is an accomplishment unlike any other as it's always evolving, never complete, but still the best!

Heather D. of Saugerties
I love being a mom because I have the ability to shape my little ones lives in a positive way. I love seeing their faces light up with a new experience.

Desiree D. of Athens
The best part of being a mom is the unconditional love, I’ve never felt a love this pure that’s so rewarding.

Kristyn M. of Newburgh
I was born to be a mom! After years of trying I was blessed with worlds most perfect baby boy. He completes my life and makes my heart full! His existence brings me courage, strength and hope for a beautiful future!

Danielle P. of Monroe
Unconditional love!

Nicole A. of Hopewell Junction
I love being a mom because when the stress of the day takes over, kisses and hugs from my children make me forget the frustration. It melts away and my heart is filled with love.

Gina C. of Middletown
I love being a mom because it makes me more grateful for my own mother. I am one of 11 children. I love being able to be the best version of myself. The love you receive from your children is priceless. I love making them feel loved and seeing them smile. I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Michelle M. of Hyde Park
I love being a mom because my kids make life worth living and remind me of the love and forgiveness within and what truly matters. With the announcement of school buildings closing for the remainder of the year I was so upset for my son, Jonathan. We moved at the beginning of the school year and he was granted the opportunity to finish out the year with his first-grade class. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic he will not have the chance to say goodbye to his classmates. He’s been with them since pre-k. As I sat there crying while I told him, he hugged me and said, "Mommy, it's not your fault. It's nobody's fault. I'm sad but I will be okay because I get to spend more time with you."

My daughter, Julianna, well, she is a mini-me for sure and although we clash more often than not, she is always trying to do something for others.  Whether is it making lunch, coloring a picture, or making "ear savers" out of her loom bands, her heart is big, and her mind is strong. I feel like with every day they remind me that even on my worst days, I must be doing something right.

Kim B-E. of Westtown
I love being a mom because there is a special joy in teaching and showing children to follow their dreams and encouraging them that no matter what, never give up. The smiles bring me joy, the hugs give me warmth. My children are my true treasures in my life, and I would not trade them for anything. 


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