Morph clothing multi-wear garments turn everyone into a stylist

“Blank slate” clothing reduces waste, gives endless style opportunities from day to night

Simplify your life, multiply your wardrobe

Fast fashion and clothing waste is a major problem in the United States. According to the EPA, Americans generate around 16 million tons of textile waste per year. Approximately 80 lbs for each person that ends up in landfills and negatively impacts the environment. But most apparel isn’t made to last for over a year or have multiple purposes. 

Consumers find themselves tossing clothes that are no longer in style, buying a special piece that they only wear for one event, or discarding items that didn’t make it past their first washing cycle. Instead of creating another garment that would become part of the endless buy-wear-discard cycle, Morph Clothing has developed a solution to fashion waste with its revolutionary clothing line that can literally morph to fit any style or need.

“Finding and keeping clothes can be tough. Styles, trends, and our bodies are constantly changing,” said Morph Clothing Founder and designer Cristy Pratt. “The mission of Morph Clothing is to encourage creativity and inspire confidence in everyone to express themselves through their fashion, while also reducing textile waste and consumerism. 

Unlike fast fashion giants, Morph creates timeless pieces for every occasion: from a beach trip with friends to a night out at a fancy restaurant while wearing the same piece. You will never be caught underdressed or overdressed again.”

Morph Clothing’s flagship piece, the now US Utility Patented Capsule Dress, is available in staple closet colors like black, ivory, and red, but also some fun patterns and colors like python, mint, Met Gala gold, and more. But it doesn’t just stop at being a dress, this one garment can be worn 60 different ways. 

The modal capsule dress can easily transform from a red-carpet sleeveless gown to a cocktail dress, to a maxi or mini skirt, tank top, halter top, and more. Add accessories from your own closet such as: jewelry, pants, a belt, jacket, casual flats, boots, or high heels. The number of outfits that can be achieved with one garment becomes endless.

All of Morph Clothing’s items are handmade in the U.S. by seamstresses who are paid a fair wage, unlike other fast fashion working conditions. The fabrics are sourced from ethical, environmentally friendly fabric companies. The majority of Morph’s sustainable clothing line is modal fabric, which is made from trees such as bamboo and birch, and other unlimited natural resources that can be used in making sustainable textiles (which are less environmentally impactful than cotton).

Women’s sizing in the fashion industry is very broad. Shopping online is close to impossible unless you’ve tried items on in the store. Some companies run large, some run small, and consumers likely never know what they’re going to be ordering. 

Unlike typical fashion, Morph Clothing’s solution is sizing based on breast size and not on weight or other typical “measurements,” because everyone is built differently. All of the measurements for Morph Clothing derive from chest size so sizes range from XXS to XL (00-25). The sizing of Morph Clothing garments is so unique the pieces can even be worn through all stages of pregnancy. 

“Inclusivity is very important to us,” said Pratt. “Our clothing is meant to accentuate not just women, but people of all shapes and sizes to help them look and feel their best. That’s why it was important to create something that could be styled to accentuate and fit EVERY body.”

Morph Clothing is available worldwide. For more information and to shop the Morph Clothing capsule dress and other apparel, visit:

After discovering her love for creating fashion by using her grandmother’s old sewing machine, self-taught designer Cristy Pratt created Morph Clothing to change what we know and think about fashion. Instead of sticking to the status quo, Cristy wanted to create pieces that would deviate from typical clothing and inspire everyone to love their bodies and clothes. Morph Clothing was created to bring endless style opportunities to every woman. All of Morph Clothing’s offerings are innovative, multi-functional pieces. 

Simplify your life, multiply your wardrobe. It’s great for you and the Earth. 

Morph has managed to make creating earth-friendly choices easy and fun, enabling each of us to do our part to save the planet while looking and feeling fabulous. Pratt has become an unlikely fast fashion disruptor who is positioned to take on the fast fashion giants and hopes to license Morph’s dress utility patent to large innovative companies looking to make a dent in the amount of waste fashion creates.

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