Mom of the Year

Recognizing moms who make an impact in the lives around them

Hudson Valley moms go above and beyond year after year to provide for their families. They are often the boo-boo kissers, the pep talk givers and the middle-of-the-night snugglers. They work in and outside of the home, make sure there is food on the table, keep clean clothes in the closets and shelter over heads. They do whatever it takes to take care of everyone else before thinking twice about their self-care. We need to change that.

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We asked you to tell us why you or someone you know is deserving on the Mom of the Year title and the responses touched our hearts. It was incredibly difficult to choose only three deserving moms since we will gladly stand atop of our soapbox and declare that not only does every mother deserve an award, you all should be pampered every once in a while too.

Congratulations to the Mother's Day winners!

grandma Lolie and her family1. "Grandma Lolie"
Suzanne Adler writes, "I would like to nominate my mother, Lolie Farrell. Ask anyone in Monroe and chances are they have a story of how she touched their lives. She is the mom of 5 and grandma of 17. As a mother, she was a stay at mom who did everything. She was our class mom, our troop leader and was there every day with breakfast, lunch and dinner and all that goes along with raising 5 healthy and successful kids. Then, when our dad died at age 48, she went back to school to be a nurse to support our home and family. When we became parents, she not only remained a supportive and involved mom, she became a grandmother who did even more. Just one example, when each of my children were born, she came over and took my wash to do for us until the babies turned one. In 2012, she received some money and instead on herself, she took all 30 of us on a vacation to Disney World. She said it was because she felt guilty about not being able to take us on many vacations growing up. One week of  “Grandma Lolie and her 30 Dwarfs.”

11 of her grandchildren live here in Monroe. With grandchildren in grades 2-12, there isn’t a night she’s not at a concert, show, sports field or an awards assembly to cheer them on. She goes to their classrooms and helps out when parents are working. She babysits, taught CCD, takes them for adventures and creates monthly family events at her home to keep us all connected. As for the grandkids that live further away, she won’t miss a prom or a birthday or an opening night. She just hops on a plane to ensure she’s as involved in their lives too. You’d think she would be exhausted, but if possible, she’s more active than ever before. She is at the gym daily and became active in local politics to ensure her children and grandchildren have a community they can grow old in.

If that isn’t enough, she is 'Grandma Lolie' to dozens of my first grade students. She celebrates rainbow week by making them rainbow jello, creates Valentines Day crafts for the kids to give to their parents, makes herself available to students who don’t have a grandparent on grandparent day and comes in weekly to teach about birds.

Young mothers, kids and other grandmas are all so amazed with how much my mom does for her kids and all children young and old around here! I can think of no other woman in the world that is more deserving of special recognition this Mothers Day."

2. Amneris
Edison writes: "My wife Amneris deserves this title. We have 7 children and every day she makes sure our children are well taken care of. She’s the one that does everything at home, from cooking to cleaning. She makes sure the kids are do their homework and thanks to her our kids have constantly achieved Honor Roll. The real test of how strong she is came in January of this year. Our 3-year-old daughter Jelien was diagnosed with leukemia. During the month stay at the hospital, she still managed part of her duties from there. She would be up early in the morning to make sure each child was up and ready. She would then call to make sure they were ready to get on the bus. She would call when she knew they would be home to make sure they arrived safely and FaceTime with them for homework. She did this all while caring for our 3-year-old. I haven’t heard her complain about anything and she continues to strive everyday to be a great mom. When she was gone during that month I was amazed by the amount of work she did and how she managed to make it look easy. I only did part of it since she was doing some from the hospital. I honestly can say that her job is beyond a full time job and I am grateful that my children have a mother like her. Happy Mother’s Day, Amneris. You are so amazing & we are so blessed to have you."

Michelle and her family3. Michelle
A friend writes: "Michelle is a mother of a blended family, similar to the Brady Bunch.  3 stepsons, 17, 12, 10 years old, a mother of two boys 12 and 10 years old and a 6th son, age 4 from her current marriage and finally a mom to a little girl "Yes!!! a girl" who is 2 years old from her current marriage. She navigates this crew, school projects, school events, baseball, t-ball, swimming, karate, football to name just a few. This family should truly be a reality show as one would see by the daily happenings, pulling it together from breakfast, lunches and dinner.  She works full time yet makes every moment count with her crew. She volunteers at the children's school events, just this past weekend, she attended  a mother/son dance with the 10-year-old Friday night, awoke Saturday morning for a swim-a-thon with one of the 12-year-olds, then went directly to the little league field, alternating between two fields watching one of the 10-year-olds play and the 4-year-olds t-ball simultaneously.  

Not to mention she's an amazing wife, daughter and sister. One will often times receive a handmade, meaningful gift from her that far outweighs any store-bought one. I would invite anyone to watch her daily and see that amazing family she has blended".