Meal planning CAN work for busy parents

It actually saves time

meal planning for busy moms

You may be asking yourself “Who is really this organized? How am I supposed to do this when I work full-time?”


Consider this: if you spend just one hour a week planning your menu and making grocery lists, you will be this organized. What’s more, for all those full-time working parents out there, you will remove one stressful item from your daily life.

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If you’re not convinced, start by planning a menu for one week. I guarantee that you will notice a less hectic dinner routine, as well as more money in your wallet.


You may also ask yourself, “What if I decide I don’t want something for dinner that I had planned?” Go ahead and grab take-out with the money you’ve saved by implementing this new system.


As for that recipe that you purchased items for and had planned for tonight? Serve it later in the week or on the night you had planned for take out. Be flexible and reward yourself for the progress you’ve already made.


Meridith Ferber lives in Rhinebeck with her husband and three children.