Me Time: Just for Women

4 beauty and fitness tips

me time, beauty and fitness hacks for moms

Get the spa treatment right at home
Can't afford a spa trip this Mother's Day? No worries! You can turn your home into an oasis perfect for a relaxing, DIY spa night.

Treat yourself (or get your family to treat you) and pull out all the stops! Ditch your jeans for your most comfy robe, slip into some plush slippers and tie up your hair in a pretty headband. Light candles or diffuse your favorite essential oils and sip on some cucumber or lemon infused water.

Hudson Valley Parent blogger and twin-mama Roxanne Ferber, better known as The Whatever Mom to her online followers, shares an easy face mask you can make with things you already have in your kitchen. Mix honey, cocoa powder and a few drops of essential oils together. Microwave your mixture for 30-seconds.

Ferber says, for best results, apply the mask to slightly dampened skin using a small paint brush or craft stick. Wear your mask for about a half hour before removing with a wet cloth. After rinsing your skin, apply your favorite moisturizer.

And this little piggy is sandal ready
Flip-flop season is upon us and your feet aren't ready! Months of being cooped up inside boots and the dry winter has left your toenail polish chipped and your heels cracked. This Mother's Day get your feet primped and ready for a summer full of poolside fun!

Start with a good buff. Soak your feet in warm water filled with your favorite bath salts or essential oils. A sugar or salt scrub is an easy first step to leave your feet prepped and ready. Buff rough spots with an inexpensive pumice stone and finish with a hearty moisturizer. Maintain your hard work by starting a moisturizing routine that you keep up all year long!

Treat yourself to a new polish. Splurging on a polish and top coat that will prevent chipping is still much cheaper than a pedicure at a salon or spa.

Turn this endeavor into a "Mommy and Me" date with your daughter! Pick colors for each other and treat each other to the real spa treatment. Bonding time and a fresh coat of polish? What could be better?

Treat yourself to a mommy makeover
Shed your winter gray and welcome a new look for spring! When is the last time you had some retail therapy all by yourself? This Mother's Day give yourself the gift of some alone time and shop until you drop!

Hit local boutiques, consignment shops and even outdoor, springtime flea markets for some unique finds. Amp up your wardrobe with a few new staple pieces or even just a dress that makes you feel your absolute best on your next date-night or girls' night out!

Your makeup bag could use an overhaul, too. Check expiration dates on things like mascaras and liquid foundations to avoid dreaded eye infections or breakouts. Invest in a new lipstick in a color you wouldn't normally try or a highlighter that gleams.

You don't have to spend a lot to get that fresh makeover feel. Give yourself a deep conditioning treatment and let your hair down from its bun! Spend this Mother's Day feeling and looking your best!

Enjoy a delicious, healthy breakfast (that you don’t have to cook!)
The best part about Mother's Day is not having to cook! Step away from the kitchen and let your family take the lead on these easy, delicious treats. The best part (besides the chocolate)? You get to stay in bed! Curl up with your favorite book or flip on some shows you have been dying to catch up with while your family cooks up a spread for you.

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Experts at your local supermarket can help you find healthy ingredients that can be turned into pretty and delectable treats.

A fruit salad is a classic summery treat that kids can help with! Even little fingers can help rinse fruit, remove strawberry stems and arrange the fruit in a fancy display or even a bowl made from a melon.

Make a delicious blueberry fruit dip with just a few simple ingredients. Frozen blueberries, yogurt and honey make a fresh, tasty dip!

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