ME TIME: Beauty & Fitness

5 tips to help you feel more beautiful and fit

1. Mind body exercise
When exercising, it's important to work out both the body and the mind to achieve better overall health. Some sports and fitness activities allow people to zone out, such as running on a treadmill at a gym.

But other sports engage and strengthen the mind as much as they do our muscles, tennis being a great example. It requires players to be totally focused and mentally engaged.

Corey Thompson, the adult and junior programmer at Taconic Sport & Racquet in Hopewell Junction, spelled out the complexities of the game: players need to use a lot of eye-hand coordination, they must race to the right spot to meet the ball, pull back on the racquet at the right angle in order to successfully hit it back across the net. Add into the mix playing a doubles game and coordinating all of this with a partner, and it's clear tennis takes a lot of mental engagement and acuity.

Because of the dynamism of the sport, Thompson says getting into tennis at an older age can be intimidating for some, but he encourages moms and dads to take note of a free introductory clinic his facility is holding during the week of May 8 through May 14 (of 2017) meant for beginners of all ages.

Although pre-registration is required for each event taking place both during the day and evening hours, attendees can participate for free in drills throughout the week using a modified court and modified balls to help them get up and running - or hitting over the net.

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2. Eyelash extensions
There is a beauty trend on the rise that will give you long, lovely eyelashes overnight. Different from false eyelashes of the past, eyelash extensions are semi-permanent and available at many local salons. Cindy Murcia of Evy Nails in Newburgh says eyelash extensions can last up to two weeks or more if properly cared for.

They also come in a variety of different lengths and are easily applied with the help of a professional. For up-keep Murcia suggests "washing your face gently and slowly so your extensions won't come off or mess up." Removing the extensions is simple.

The ladies at Evy Nails take a small amount of special oil and gently massage the lashes until the falsies fall away. Reach the salon at 845-563-0367. Society of Lash in Beacon offers extensions, too. Call the shop at 845-765-2899.

3. Keep makeup brushes clean
"Cleaning your brushes is a major key alert!" says local makeup artist Jaid McGue-Jones of Twinnovations Salon & Beauty-Bar in Newburgh. Over time, the natural oils from our skin and the cosmetics we use begin to build up on the bristles of our makeup brushes. Not taking the time to clean them periodically might put you at a higher risk of a breakout or clogged pores.

"How I take care of my skin, is how I clean my brushes, because they're going on my face," she says.

Jaid advises using warm water and a mild soap - one that won't irritate or dry out the skin - maybe baby shampoo or an acne cleanser that will help with any bacteria build-up.

"Adding just a drop of baby oil or olive oil to the soapy water also helps to soften up the brushes," McGue-Jones says. She cleans the brushes she uses professionally much more frequently, but recommends others do it at home once or twice a month.

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4. Flip flop ready feet
With summer just around the corner, it's time to break out those sandals, but not without a fresh pedicure, whether at a professional salon or a DIY job at home. According to Jerry Ling, the owner of Fancy Nails on Main Street in Cornwall, nudes and pastel colors are all the rage right now.  

The plus sides of going to a salon are the comfortable massage chairs and someone doing all of the sloughing and polishing while you sit back and relax. But done at home, you can save some money by soaking your feet in a warm Epsom salts bath and using a pumice stone to buff your feet.

Some tips for toenails stained by months of being cooped up in boots and sneakers: use a little whitening toothpaste or lemon juice to remove any discoloration.
5. Beauty school bargain
With the warmer weather on the way, are you hoping to get some sun-kissed blond highlights, or a moisturizing facial to bring back the shimmer to your skin before tanning season arrives, but lack the money to do so? There is another option than foregoing these pampering treatments: go to a local beauty school.

Students provide these services under the watchful eye of their instructors who are all licensed cosmetologists and the prices for haircuts, hair coloring, spa treatments and other beauty services are much lower than at commercial salons. One suggestion is Capri Cosmetology Learning Center in Newburgh.

While appointments are available, as well as walk-ins, it is important to keep in mind that getting highlights, a haircut, or any of the other services, may take a bit more time than one might normally be accustomed to.