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Essential oils are a vital part of Leslie's wellness routine
Leslie Cortes, Hudson Valley Parent's executive assistant, believes in the benefits of essential oils and uses them all over her home.

One of the staples in Cortes's essential oil collection is peppermint oil. "Peppermint oil is my favorite. I use it all around my home for different purposes," she says. "I make a simple room spray with a few drops of the oil and some water and use it as an air freshener."  

Peppermint oil becomes even more crucial in the Cortes home come spring. "Warmer weather means bugs are back!" she says. "Armed with my peppermint oil, I can chase any bug away. They hate the stuff and go running."

After a long day of creative work at the Hudson Valley Parent office, Cortes uses lavender oil to de-stress. "I love the way it smells," she says of the lavender oil. "I find it very soothing and using it at the end of the day has become part of my daily routine. When I smell lavender, my mind and body know that the day is over, and it is time to unwind."

Spring makes Cassidy want to explore the Hudson Valley
After a long, dreary winter of being stuck indoors, Hudson Valley Parent's editor Cassidy Brighton gets very excited when the days get longer, and the weather gets warmer. Her favorite thing to do after a long week at the office is to get outside to soak up some sun.

Brighton says, "When I lived in Orange County, I lived very close to the Walden-Wallkill Rail Trail and would take strolls on it often with my mom. There would always be chipmunks scurrying back and forth across the path and other families out with their dogs and kids. It was always a cheerful afternoon that made the gray winter seem far away."

Brighton's favorite days include walking somewhere with a view, grabbing something unique to eat and popping into stores that have an interesting flair. "My goal is to never order the same thing twice at the restaurants I find. That way, my adventures never feel repetitive," she says.

Since she moved across the river to Dutchess County this past summer, there are even more fun places to explore.

"Beacon and Cold Spring have become my new favorite towns to visit on a sunny day," says Brighton. "I love the small-town vibe, the unique restaurants and quaint shops. Walking around town with an iced tea in my hand immediately gets rid of my winter blues."

Looking for a great place to stop on your next adventure? Brighton lists one of her favorite places that she think is a must-see. "Royal Crepes in Beacon is one of my favorite places to visit. The fresh food is always delicious, and the bright little shop is full of interesting art and decorations," she says. "I love to get a seat by the window and enjoy my lunch while watching the happenings on Main Street."

Pamela loves to read (and listen to) motivating books
Pamela Perry, Hudson Valley Parent's director of consumer development, turns to self-help books for inspiration and joy.

"Some of my favorites are Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes, Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis and You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero," says Perry. "I learn so much from the strong, female authors and love the relatable content."

Perry finds that books like this make her feel braver, more confident and help her grow as a person. She says, "After reading a book like this, I really feel like I have grown. They make me think about life in a totally different way."

Don't have time to sit down and read a physical book? Turn your morning commute into your me time. "It takes me almost an hour to get to work in the morning. Instead of listening to the radio, I listen to audio books," says Perry. "I love it when the author narrates the audio version of the book. It makes the message even more impactful."

Learn how Cailey boosts her mood
Hudson Valley Parent's intern Cailey Walls depends on me time to keep her at her physical and mental best. She has a few activities that she uses to keep her body strong and her mind clear of the stresses
of daily life.

Music plays a key part in Walls's special time to herself. "There is nothing that will put me in a better mood faster than when my favorite song comes on. The Beatles are my go-to band when I need a little pick-me-up," says Walls. Once she has the right music playing, Walls can do anything!

One of her favorite ways to spend her me time is running. "Running is great for my physical and mental well-being. It allows me to 'reset my clock' and get myself together emotionally," explains Walls.

On a rainy day when the weather keeps Walls stuck indoors, journaling helps her keep her thoughts on track. "Journaling is like therapy for me. It helps me relieve my stresses after a long day," says Walls. Walls feels her absolute best after completing simple tasks. The sense of accomplishment she feels is a great stress reliever as well.

Walls insists that everyone needs some me time to stay sane. "It's important to truly take care of your mind and body," says Walls. "Time to yourself makes a big impact on how you feel about the other parts of your daily life."