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Workout in the water
Lounging by the pool is fun, but why don't you dive on in and switch up your workout routine? Beat the heat and cool off in the pool while also performing some heart-healthy exercise!

Get your cardio in without wreaking havoc on your joints. Because of the support you get from the water, water workouts are great for those who can't participate in high impact exercises. The buoyancy of the water helps take off some of the impact we tend to place on our joints when trying traditional workouts. Moms with arthritis, joint problems and even soon-to-be mommies can take part in some low intensity water aerobics.

Water aerobics is a great option for moms looking to burn calories, keep their heart healthy and strengthen their muscles. Incorporate weights, flotation devices and different movements so you don't get bored of this workout.

Join classes at your local gym, pool or fitness center to make sure you don't hurt yourself and that you are getting the most out of your workout.

Block out the dangerous rays
Summer is here and you are pumped for some highly anticipated fun in the sun. Watch out, though! That summer sun warming up your skin may feel nice, but it can be very dangerous to expose yourself to too much of it.

Add some SPF to your daily routine. Start every morning with a moisturizer that contains sunscreen. Bump up the protection if you are headed out for extended time. Apply sunscreen every two hours, especially if you are sweating or swimming.

Your skin isn't the only thing that can be damaged by the sun. Pop on some sunglasses to protect your eyes from sun damage too. Don't spend your drive to work squinting! Wear protective sunglasses to prevent wrinkles and other eye damage.

Also, protect your lips from burning with a moisturizing lip balm that contains SPF.

Looking to save some money and ditch the chemicals? Try making your own sunscreen with just a few easy ingredients. Click here for a natural recipe packed with essential oils.

Watch out for poisonous plants
While you are out on a hike through some of the beautiful, family-friendly trails in the Hudson Valley, make sure you are able to identify and avoid plants that can cause itchy rashes.

There is an old saying that warns people to stay away from plants that have three leaves. Both poison ivy and poison oak share this three leaf pattern. Poison sumac grows in pairs with one lone leaf at the end. Make sure you are able to identify these dangerous plants before you venture outside!

If you do happen to come in contact with these plants, wash your skin within 30 minutes with soap and water. This will get the oils off of your skin and help prevent a rash from forming. Wash any clothes you think may have touched the leaves as soon as possible.

If a rash forms, try your best not to scratch! Oils from the rash can transfer easily to other parts of your body if you have the oils on your fingers or under your fingertips.

Most rashes go away on their own after one to three weeks. If your rash becomes unbearable or doesn't clear up within a few weeks, be sure to see your doctor. You may need a prescription for a steroid ointment to fight the rash.

Visit your doc
It's time to take care of yourself. Schedule a check up and make sure
everything inside matches your beautiful outside!

The kids have their braces, glasses and have gotten their yearly check-up. Now it's time for you to get that toothache of your own checked out!
Nobody knows your body like you do. Take the time to listen to it and schedule an appointment with your physician.

Mammograms and gynecology appointments are recommended for women every year once they turn 40. Physicals should also be performed annually.

Does your regular doctor leave you wanting more? Click here for a list of doctors that moms have already approved.