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A beauty routine for busy moms
Making time for yourself can seem like an impossible task. Merlyn Akhtar, busy mom and owner of Lookin' Marvelous with Merlyn, shared her six-step routine for the mornings when you should have left five minutes ago!

She says that the first step is quickly washing your face. Make sure it is dry before applying any product. Akhtar says, "Apply tinted moisturizer or BB cream with a sponge, brush or even your fingers. I love these products because they pull double duty!" Dab on a little bit of concealer under your eyes to hide any dark circles. "Step four is to add some mascara to your upper lashes. Then swipe on some blush and finish with something on the lips. Now you're ready to go." In just a few easy steps, your five-minute mommy makeover will keep you feeling confident all day!

Don't have time for a full face? A good concealer could be your best friend! "As a busy mom, I rarely get enough sleep and get stress-related blemishes," says Akhtar. "With a good concealer, I can cover the dark circles and blemishes and even buff a bit all over my face as a quick foundation when I'm feeling particularly tired. That brightens my whole face and makes me appear well-rested even though I'm planning when I can sneak in a quick nap!"

Keep it simple and find products that make you feel beautiful and confident!

Kick off this year with a resolution you can stick to
Skip the crash diets and crazy exercise plans. This year, make a resolution you can stick to with some helpful advice from Tammy Murphy, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, health coach and owner of Gold's Gym locations in Newburgh and Middletown.

Murphy stands by an easy acronym to help her stay focused on healthy living. "DRESS stands for diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction and supplements. These are the most critical health habits and provide the foundation for everybody to get well and stay well naturally," she says.

One way to make sure you stay on track when you want to snack on chips and leftover chocolate Santas, is to make meal prepping a staple in your life. Though meal prepping may seem too involved for a busy mom, Murphy helps break it down. "Most of us want to jump in head first without a plan which ultimately leads to a yo-yo style diet cycle that isn't healthy," she says. "Start slow and keep everything in moderation."

The first step to meal prepping begins at the grocery store, which can often be a tempting place. Murphy insists that planning is key. "When you shop aimlessly, you end up with a fridge full of food that will spoil or end up in the trash." She lists broccoli, carrots, a whole chicken, fish, sweet potatoes, rice, avocado and nuts as a good jump off point for a grocery list.

Make healthy living a family adventure this year. Murphy says, "Take the time to teach your children and show them the importance of quality food. This can be the key to a healthy future for you and your family."

A unique class to boost confidence and strength
Is your resolution for 2019 to get out of your comfort zone and try
something you have never tried before? Maybe it's to get fit and feel sexy and confident! You can achieve all of that and more at a pole dancing class.

HVP blogger, yoga instructor and hypnotist, Joan Miller, has been teaching pole dancing classes for four years now and currently teaches women at Fitness Works in Pine Bush. She insists that pole dancing is a great workout for your whole body. "Pole dancing centers on mainly your core and upper body, but once you get into climbing and inversions, the legs get a great workout too," says Miller. "Asking your body and brain to do something new makes for a great experience and overall workout."

Miller encourages new comers and insists that anyone can do it! "No skills are needed to learn pole dance. You just need a willingness to learn something new and to feel a little silly sometimes," she says.

Pole dancing is not only good for your body. You will leave class feeling supported, confident and sexy! "Pole dance helps us remember that before we were moms, we were women. These classes remind us that the woman burping a baby, driving kids to soccer and organizing the PTA food drive is a woman who loves to move, enjoys dancing and is sexy," says Miller. "You will amaze yourself with the strength you build and you will find yourself moving in ways you may have forgotten were possible."

Gather a group of your friends for a girls night unlike any other or make some new friends while you are surrounded by welcoming women. "Everyone coaches and cheers for each other. A camaraderie is born of shared effort and sweat."

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Nurture your skin with natural products
Your dry winter skin is begging for some hydration to get back to its mid-summer glow. Treat yourself to some natural, locally grown products that smell amazing and won't damage your skin.

Farmacy is a company with a full line of anti-aging masks, lip products and moisturizing lotions, creams and cleansers that keep your skin at its peak. The main ingredients in many of these products, honey and Echinacea GreenEnvy, are locally grown and produced at a farm right here in the Catskills.

Say hello to sustainable, recyclable containers and products that are as good for the environment as they are for you. Ditch single-use makeup wipes for Farmacy's Green Clean, a makeup removing cleansing balm that melts the day away. With a perfect blend of lime, bergamot and orange essential oils, this gentle balm will leave your skin feeling clean and smelling fresh.

Double-up on anti-aging benefits with a team of amazing products. Tap on a floral based night serum that reduces fine lines, wrinkles and the appearance of pores. Then apply a thin layer of the night balm to improve your skin's radiance and leave you waking revitalized.