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6 brilliant ideas from going back to school to starting your own business

Six tips for earning more this year

1. Need an Outlet?
Ever tried blogging? Writing down our thoughts and emotions is a solid source of therapy for many. According to the American Psychological Association, there are a number of health benefits that come from writing down our thoughts and emotions. Some of those benefits include lowered anxiety, lowered blood pressure, and fewer depression symptoms. The difference between keeping a personal journal and public venting is that one is a solitary activity and the other includes human interaction. There is a certain level of comfort we get knowing that there are others in the world dealing with similar issues as us. One word of advice when blogging about one's emotions, is to be cautious about the comment section, but don't entirely fear it. Comment sections are almost always adjustable, in order to keep negativity at bay. You might also like to try using the anonymous setting, if you're concerned with privacy. 

2. Back-to-School for new skills!
With easy access to a computer and the Internet, you can do just about anything remotely, including getting a college degree! Whether it's at the undergraduate or graduate level - online courses give one the opportunity to do coursework regardless of location or schedule restrictions. Because of more limited overhead costs, online courses tend to have lower rates than traditional colleges and universities. Tuition can still vary depending on both the school and the subject of choice. One possible downside of earning a degree online is the lack of opportunities to network with one's peers.

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3. Try the Home-Based Business Challenge!
Working from home is a great way for moms to make some money while still being available to their families - the added bonus is getting the chance to act as one's own boss. Of course, the Internet has increased opportunities to do this, including being able to have one's own website, which is at the heart of any business. Having a website for your home business gives others the chance to window shop for your services/ products and makes valuable information easily accessible. charges just $3.95 a month to set up your very own professional looking website. shares awesome tips, tools, and guidelines to keep your business activities organized. Looking for a business idea? Here's a few to kick start your thinking caps: cleaning services, event planner, resume writer - the choice is yours!

4. Need Extra Cash?
Life comes at you fast and unfortunately so do bills. Having a second source of income - or a side gig - can sometimes make all the difference when you need a little extra money. If you have weekends free or a few idle hours during the week, you might be able to put aside some time to put away a few extra dollars. You might teach a fitness class, babysit, tutor, or work at one of the small retail shops or cafes in your area. There's also a good chance you can turn your favorite hobby into a profit-making opportunity, further adding to your savings. 

5. Become a Certified Notary Public

A notary public is a state-certified individual who oversees the signing of official legal documents to prevent fraud, among her other duties. Requirements include no criminal history, state residence and at least a high school diploma. You must then pass the New York Notary Public exam. Procedures differ from state to state. There is also an e-learning course online to help you prepare for the exam. Visit for the step-by-step instructions to get your notary career started.

6. Are You Retirement Ready?
Do you dream of no longer having to make the daily commute to the office for work? Before you pack up your desk, you will need to save some money to get you through your golden years. An Individual Retirement Account, allows you to save for retirement with tax-free growth or on a tax-deferred basis. The tax benefits of an individual retirement account, provides you with a faster growing savings than a taxable account. There are three main types of IRA's: Traditional, Roth, and rollover, each with different advantages. Visit for more information on how to get started with choosing which type of IRA works for you! 

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Brilah Harris is a freelance writer from Newburgh and a regular contributor to Hudson Valley Parent.