Me Time: Just for Women

Dive into personal development with exercise, books, online course and self-care

Aerial workouts’ in-air moves can build confidence by showing people that can accomplish something they thought they couldn’t. 

Confidence through aerial fitness

Physical exercise can be as beneficial for the mind as it for the body, especially when it challenges you move in bold ways. Take aerial fitness, for instance, where people use silks and rings as they hover in in-air poses.

Sure, the idea of an aerial workout can be intimidating, but stretching out and completing an in-air or chair-supported upside-down move can be empowering. Discovering that something that seemed impossible-aerial fitness-isn't, can go a long way in spurring a confidence that often crosses into other areas of life.

Another boon is that aerial fitness' hour-long routines can be adapted for people of different abilities and ages. There's also the supportive community that develops from working out with others, which can be particularly empowering for women, especially those that tend to put other's needs first, like parents. 

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It doesn't matter if you attend class once a week or three times a week. Aerial fitness can build confidence in practitioners from the start, with overall benefits typically apparent in about three weeks.

Terra Meierdierck, owner, Flexibility in Flight in Chester,

Books that bring perspective 
Self-help books can provide effective tools and insight for personal development, whether your interest is in spiritual, business, finances, parenting or another area of growth. Find your best fit from the multitude of titles available by picking up and scanning through books of interest to see what resonates with you. Recommendations also can be helpful, but keep in mind that what works for one person, may not be right for another. Talking with your local bookseller for guidance is another option and can be especially helpful with trending titles and themes and whether they meet your needs. 

Remember, too, that all sorts of books can widen a person's perspective and help advance personal development. Fictional characters, for instance, often experience relatable and eye-opening growth that resonate with readers.

Book clubs also can open the way to new ways of thinking. Sharing thoughts on specific books and hearing others' perspectives and personal experiences on the topic can spark helpful insights. The groups also support a wonderful sense community. When possible, attending visits and signings from admired authors adds a heightened level of understanding.

Jenifer Flynn, co-owner, The Barking Goose Bookstore Bar & Café in Newburgh,

Support your social skillset 
Expand your promotional and marketing expertise with online tools. These are available for free, courtesy of Hubspot, a resource that Hudson Valley Parent's Director of Business Development, Kathleen Merz, has found to offer fresh and forward-thinking classes. Find courses on the topics below at

    Content strategy. Tell your business' story in a way that attracts, engages and delights your audience.

    Instagram insights. Learn to build and implement a successful organic Instagram marketing strategy. 

    Social media tactics. Build an effective social media strategy that will expand on other marketing efforts. 

    YouTube channel strategies. Learn from YouTube experts how to create a successful YouTube channel. 

    Email marketing. Create an email marketing strategy that is human, helpful and builds trust. 

    Twitter strategies. Develop an advanced Twitter marketing strategy for more followers, retweets, traffic, and sales. 

    SEO training course. Building sustainable traffic for business growth.

Self-care strategies
You can't pour from an empty cup. Our bodies are vessels to carry around our personalities and an empty cup or vessel will often manifest in the body as aches and pains, headaches, digestion issues, and even skin breakouts, like acne, and rashes. Skin care and body work are vital to self-care because touch is a basic human need. It validates life and gives hope, allowing us to move forward in life.

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When women say they are just "going through the motions," they have failed to replenish their "well" of "being" (well-being). The cup is empty. Allowing one's self to feel important, valued, and nurtured is vital to everyone. Whether it's a facial, massage or reiki, manicure, hot bath, reading a good book, or a cup of coffee with a friend, schedule daily time to replenish, so your cup never runs out.

Self-care begins with self-awareness. Pay attention to the actions in your life that bring you joy and when you're feeling low, regroup, and may sure you refill your cup. 

Lyna Mancuso Bedka, LE, Bloom Beauty & Wellness in Fishkill,