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Stir up some fun at a cooking class

Looking for a fun way to learn new skills in the kitchen? Tired of making the same meals  and on the hunt for a fresh new recipe?  Maybe you're just looking for a romantic way to spend an evening with your partner or a brand new way to spend an evening out with your friends. A cooking class is a great way to achieve all of that!

Anna Frumes, chef and owner at the Borland House Inn in Montgomery, says her cooking classes are the right fit for everyone. "It's great for people of all experiences. From beginners to the very advanced, you always leave having learned something," says Frumes.

Not sure what you are looking to cook up? Frumes assures there is something that every taste will enjoy. She says, "We offer three course meal classes with different inspirations like French, Italian or American cuisine. We also do baking classes around the holidays where we make pies."

According to Fumes, private classes are available for groups for more than five people, but group classes can be just as fun!

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Nurture your creative side at an art class
Creative moms looking for an outlet will find their perfect place at a local art class. The Wallkill River School of Art has a plethora of classes for moms who have been drawing and painting for years and even for those looking to dip their paint brush in for the very first time.

Gallery Director Liam Vogel says, "The school has classes that are very specific and technique-based for those who are more advanced. We also have beginner classes that are good if the student is looking to find a medium they would like to use and perfect their skills with it."

Adult classes are ongoing, according to Vogel. He says, "Classes usually run for four weeks. You would sign up and come every Saturday for four weeks to learn fine art."

Drawing and painting in a variety of mediums is the gallery's specialty. "Our focus is plein air paintings (landscapes) and fine art so we don't really have classes that teach sculpture or photography," explains Vogel.

Want to spend your "Me Time" with your kids? Nicole Asendorf, art instructor at The Wallkill River School of Art,
teaches seasonal classes for parents and children to take together.

"Last month Nicole's classes painted snowmen, and for Valentine's Day she is doing another themed painting lesson," says Vogel. These classes are one day sessions.

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Make something cozy at a knitting class

Bundle up this winter with something beautiful and handmade. Knitting has gone from an almost forgotten hobby to a trendy new way to relax. Libraries across the Hudson Valley have started knitting clubs for stitchery enthusiasts.

Loopy Mango, a knitwear and DIY brand specializing in chunky yarn and knitted products in Beacon, provides want-to-be knitters a chance to hone their skills.

Anna Pulvermakher, co-owner of the flagship store, says that classes are very beginner friendly. "People that have never knit before can come to learn and make a project. We have project specific classes where people can make a scarf, hat or baby blanket in a session ranging between one and two hours," says Pulvermakher.

No need to bring your own materials. The class fee includes everything you would need to create the project at hand. Pulvermakher says, "We carry distinct chunky yarn, needles and everything you would need. Moms can choose to make the projects in regular size or child size if they are looking to make something for their kids."

Already a knitting expert? Gather a group of your friends for a private knitting class and make a project together. "If our class times don't work for you, or if you are not a beginner, you may want to have a private class. We would set up a time that works for you for any group of four or more," says Pulvermakher.

Grab a Loopy Mango DIY kit before you go and knit away!

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Enjoy socialization and literature as part of a book club

Nothing could be better than cozying up with your favorite book during this time of year. Except maybe getting together with a group of like-minded people to share thoughts on some favorite books.

One of the most relaxing ways to spend your "Me Time" is reading. Join a book club and meet friends that love reading just as much as you do!

The Kingston Library has a book club just for adults that meets on the third Friday of every month.

Vivi Hlavsa has volunteered as the library's book club coordinator for many years now. She says this informal group is great for any reader. "We welcome anybody who comes. We talk about the book we've all read that month and any good books we have been loving lately," says Hlavsa. "Good discussions can go for 2 hours!"

As the leader of the group, Hlavsa says she insists that members don't just say that they liked or didnt like the book. "You may change your mind after hearing what others have to say," she assures.

This free group is perfect for moms looking to socialize and read. "Everyone brings a light lunch and we eat together and have great conversations about literature."