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Making Stained Glass Art

Using Regular Art Supplies

Making Stained Glass Art

Making stained glass art at home with the kids is easier than it sounds. We aren't using any real glass pieces, or any of the more sophisticated techniques for creating stained glass. There's no heat or melting involved. We are going nice and easy with a few simple supplies you probably already have on hand!

5x7 photo frame
Glitter Glue
Food coloring
Paint brushes

Start by removing the back of the frame. You won't need this so you can discard it. Once you have finished painting and it is dry, you can reinsert the glass into the the frame and bend the little metal tabs back into position. This will hold the glass in place. To hang your creation you can use sticky tack in the corners and adhere to a window, or you can buy suction cups to attach to the back. 

Next, lay the glass onto a white sheet of paper so you can see the colors as you create. 

Begin swirling the glitter glue in any fashion you see fit.

Then add 1 drop of food coloring in different areas of the glass. Begin blending the food coloring and the glue together. The color sticks to the glue and once it dries you have a stained glass effect! Super easy! This is a great activity to have on hand for rainy days!

What do you think? Would you give this project a try?

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