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Make Toy Safety a Priority Year-Round

Toy Industry Association (TIA), the trade association of the North American toy industry, reminds parents, caregivers and everyone who interacts with children that toy safety and safe play require constant monitoring, as well as access to accurate and up-to-date information.

The Toy Safety Hotline contains specific accident prevention information, instructions on creating safe play environments, searchable toy listings, recommendations for selecting age appropriate toys and a full range of information related to toy safety and safe play. 

Individuals and organizations that wish to obtain toy safety and safe play information without Internet access may write to TIA, 1115 Broadway, Suite 400, NY, NY 10010, to request brochures.

Founded in 1916, Toy Industry Association (TIA), formerly Toy Manufacturers of America, is recognized by government, trade, media and consumers as the authoritative voice of the North American toy industry. The TIA represents producers of toys, games, interactive products and holiday decorations. Its more than 325 members include manufacturers and importers (regular members), as well as design firms, professional inventors and toy testing laboratories (associate members).