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Make and Take Entertainment for Kids

Traveling Activity Pouch

Today's modern lifestyle makes it is too easy to toss an iPad, or a cell phone at our kids to keep them quietly occupied. I am not going to judge, because there are times I now do the same. However, on long road trips, or while we are sitting in a restaurant, or times we need to sit still and wait I make sure to have a few non-digital extras to keep on hand.


I stash some fun items in a small pouch for each kid and toss it in my purse before we head out to a restaurant. I've even pulled these out while waiting on long lines, or during long train trips.  Our little make and take activity kits are full of art supplies, stickers, tiny figures and other small items. The trick is to pack things that they don't get to play with very often- only during the times we wait. 


Here are some things I include in my little bag of tricks:


Stickers. I pick up the roll of stickers at the dollar store because they are easier to store than sheets of stickers. These were small sheets I could roll up.

Small box of crayons. We save the little boxes of crayons from restaurants to reuse. They fit perfectly inside a small pouch, or box. 

Small notebook. Kids need some place to put the stickers.

Small marker or pen. We like the Pipsqueak line of character markers. My kids are entertained just making this little guy dance.

Chocolate coins. These are excellent for bribery. If the kids get super antsy we tell them they can have a chocolate when we get to the table, or to end of the line. 

Mini kaleidoscopes. This is self explanatory right? These are just fun!

Mini bubbles.  We were standing on line to see the Easter Bunny recently when my kids got the wiggles. I pulled out the bubbles and immediately it changed their mood. I will warn you too that it will turn you into the pied piper, and suddenly you will be surrounded by small children. But that's OK other parents are going to be mentally high-fiving you for saving their day. 


If you are in a total pinch and need something fun ASAP you can now purchase to-go packs from the dollar store in your kids' favorite characters. They usually have a small coloring book, stickers and a few markers. Super simple and you can keep a few on hand right in your car for emergency purposes. 


Although it is very tempting to give my kids electronics to stay occupied, I try to dole it out in small doses. For us it loses effectiveness if my kids get too much digital time. Besides, there are times I enjoy listening to their stories and watching them be creative. Even if it is while waiting for my dinner to arrive at my table.


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