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Make a Sensory Boo Bin for Halloween

Easy fun at home for your little one.

Make a Sensory Boo Bin for Halloween

Every day after school I try to provide a fun activity for my kids; whether it is a board game, a fun snack, or a quick play date. It helps us transition from the demands of the school day into our evening at home. 

My kids have always loved sensory boxes. The colors, the sounds the smells, everything. It has been awhile since I've made a fun themed box so this week I thought I'd surprise them. Of course it has a Halloween theme since they are just super excited for all things Halloween.

I tried to make this box "edible" so if you have a little one that still explores life through their mouth this will be OK. Just use your judgement and always supervise closely. 

Black beans (you can use colored rice, but that was an extra step) I picked these up at the dollar store.
Colorful sprinkles
Fun Halloween shapes
A spoon to scoop with

My girls just wanted to stir things up to start. They like the sound the uncooked beans make against the plastic bowl. They also like running their fingers through the beans to feel the coolness and the texture. So I let them play before we added anything new.

Next, we dump in the colorful sprinkles! I had a bunch of these left over from Halloweens past. I bought this giant pack for one batch of cookies. It seemed like a bargain at the time. Lesson learned. On the plus side, there are some great shapes and colors in there. 

Add in your "eye of newt" and stir up your witches brew.

That's it! Super easy and inexpensive Halloween fun. As we count down to Halloween I may surprise them with small, fun things to add in like some spider rings, or little pom-poms. This was a big hit after school and it definitely gave us a little time together before running with the demands of our evening routine.

How do you help your kids ease into the evening routine?

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