Local school takes on bullies

One school pro-actively addressing this issue is Titusville Intermediate, which serves grades 3 through 5, in the Arlington Central School District. According to Principal Daniel Shorenstein, Titusville students ride the bus an average of 20 to 45 minutes each way.  With such lengthy bus rides Shorenstein stresses that communication between students, bus drivers, administration and parents is the key to preventing bullying.  To this end, Shorenstein personally meets with the drivers at least once a year.

The school has an active anti-bullying program designed to teach students how to resolve conflicts.  Last year the physical education teacher met every bus as it arrived at school and was available to address any issues that occurred during the ride to prevent further escalations.  

While bullying is a serious problem, the Dignity for All Students Act shows that local schools and parents can make a difference.  If they all work together Hudson Valley Schools and buses can become true “bully-free zones.”