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Lilymoore Alpaca Farm

Discover, enjoy, spend the day!

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You pull into a gravel road and park your car, it's hard to contain excitement knowing that cute, fluffy alpacas are nearby. There is a pathway that leads up to a lush green lawn and a beautiful, Victorian house. The alpacas and horses have run of the property, fenced into large fields they quickly come to the fences hoping that you will have food or treats to feed them. We recently attended a teddy bear picnic at Lilymoore Alpaca Farm and the day was so magical, I knew immediately, I wanted to share it with everyone!

The property is perfect for picnicking, there are large trees for shade and soft green grassy areas, great for spreading a blanket. There are hidden gardens if you want a spot that is quiet or you can set up by the fences and watch the animals frolic and graze.

The alpacas and horses are friendly and the staff lets you pet and feed them food or treats that they provide. The farm is also home to ducks, chickens and lots of cats. There is certainly no shortage of living creatures for your kids to see up close; if you are lucky you may even witness a baby alpaca being born!

The farm has free visiting hours every Wednesday and Friday from 12-4pm or you can make an appointment. Also on Wednesdays, in the summer, at 2pm they offer Story Time with Farm Friends, you can hear a story and get up close and personal with a farm animal; each week is different. They also host events monthly, you can check their calendar here. The staff and owners of the farm are extremely friendly and very knowledgeable. We spent and entire day asking them questions, following them around as they walked and cared for the animals, my daughter fell in love.

Pack a lunch, roll up your favorite picnic blanket and come spend the day at the most charming alpaca farm in Dutchess County!

Tips for visiting Lilymoore:
  • Do not feed the animals anything other than what the farm staff gives you.
  • This is a working farm so call before visiting.
  • Make sure to do a tick check after visiting.
  • They have a small store on site where they sell homemade and alpaca inspired items.

For more information visit Lilymoore Farm online.

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