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Life Is Better With Art, Cats and Cupcakes

At Morgan's Cat Cafe

Are your kids smitten with kittens? Mine really are! Unfortunately for them I am allergic. I can’t spend more than 5 minutes with a cat before I start sneezing and wheezing. But my kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE kittens! Since we can’t own a cat, and to encourage my kids love of cats we volunteer as often as we can comforting, snuggling and playing with cats. So when we heard about Morgan’s Cat Café in Red Hook we could not wait to check it out!

It’s a really small café, but loaded with local art and local vegan fare. Everything is cat-centric including these amazing cupcakes from The Cup Takes the Cake. How cute are these?


The mural on the wall in the cat room was created by local artist Christina Baal. There are also painted cat portraits by various artists hanging everywhere and make for great conversation starters. As you can see the cat room is a separate room with glass enclosure. This way you can enjoy watching the cats while you eat if you can’t get close to them.


The tables are crafted from old wooden doors which my kids thought were so cool. Each table is topped with books written by local authors, or board games like Catopoly! We didn’t have time to play a game, but we did enjoy some cupcakes and spending time with the cats.

All the food prepared here is vegan. You will find gourmet veggie burgers, wraps, salads and desserts. All the food looks delicious, but a little pricey for a family with picky eaters.  I personally can’t wait to go back and try their Belgian waffles for waffle Sunday. You can enjoy eating inside, or outside and watch the traffic go by. Inside is more suitable for little ones since there isn’t an enclosure outside.  To get inside you pass through three doors which makes using anything bigger than an umbrella stroller a little cumbersome.  


The cat room is a small room with cats ready for adoption. Most of the cats were homeless due to an owner passing away, or families who can no longer keep their beloved pet. The room is very clean and for a donation of $1.00 you can go in to pet the cats and spend time with them. We happened to bring a donation of paper towels and baby wipes as listed on their wish list.


It was hard to resist taking all of them home, but after the first sneeze and a sniffle I quickly realized that isn’t going to happen. So, I just let my kids take their time and enjoy the purring sounds and snuggles. My daughter was so in love with the one cat that jumped in her lap she shouted, “He adopted ME!!”

This is a great little café with a bigger mission to share their love of animals and finding them a happy home. We loved admiring the artwork and sharing some love with the cats. It is a great place for the non-stroller set to meet up, or for older kids who want to volunteer with cats on a small scale. 

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