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It's National Library Week

Here's 10 ways to celebrate with kids

I'm not ashamed to admit it... While most people pick houses based on crime rate, school districts, and taxes I made my selection based on proximity to the nearest library.

For as long as I can remember, the local library has always been my sanctuary. When ever I wanted to escape reality, I went to my local library for a few hours and checked out my favorite novel. I'd find a comfy spot by a window and read until my parents called me home for dinner. 

Libraries have changed so much in the past several years. Today, libraries are so much more than a collection of bookcases. Hudson Valley Libraries are truly community centers - A place to gather, a place to learn, a place to play, a place to get involved.

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Your local library is a magical place that can teleport folks of all ages to far off places, which is why we dedicate an entire week to libraries each April... and it just so happens that National Library Week is this week!

If you're looking for some fun ways to celebrate National Library Week with the kids, look no further!

10 ways to celebrate National Library Week

1. Burst out the craft supply box and make your very own bookmarks

2. Get a library card

3. Take your older kids to the library and trace your family tree

4. Attend a library story time

5. Make recipes to go along with your child's favorite story book
(Chocolate Chip Cookies to go along with If You Give a Mouse a Cookie or an Apple Pie to go along with The Giving Tree)

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6. Write a thank you note to a librarian (or draw a thank you picture)

7. Write and illustrate your own story book

8. Pull out the dress-up clothes and act out your favorite story book

9. Practice your reading skills with a reading therapy dog at the library

10. Make your own book journal out of construction paper. List all the books you've read and ones you'd like to read