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Helping Your Kids Out with Homework You Don’t Understand Yourself

Help your child with homework you don't understand

Your kids will turn to you for help when they need it. It’s what parents do best! However, and this is hard to admit, everyone has limitations. This issue will  stare you in the face most directly when you are staring back down at your child’s textbook and don’t know how to help them with their work.

If and when this happens to you, don’t feel bad! We’re only human. However, you might have it in your head that your kids view you as superhuman. Mom and dad should know everything! If they found out that you were bad at math, their whole world will come falling down on their head and you will never have the same relationship with your children ever again!

That is all hyperbole, and will not happen.

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When you find yourself in this situation, breath and think. It is healthy to let your kids see that you’re also stumped! You two can find out the answer together! It can be challenging, and might take some time, but you both will learn the subject matter and be able to complete the assignment. If you want to take a more aggressive hands-on approach, you can even sit with their textbooks by yourself and go through the assignments so that the next time they have a question, you are prepared.

However, understand that it is practical, and not embarrassing at all, to ask for outside help. If anyone in your family is a math whiz, give them a call. It might even be a good idea to get in contact with a tutor. You can even sit in during a lesson or two and get a better idea of what your kid is learning!

Remember to not get stressed out by the things you don’t know. You’re smart and will figure it out! Even if your kids know that you don’t know everything, you know what’s best for them as they continue in education and will do the right thing.