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Prime your landscape for spring and make your floors shine with luxury vinyl

Baxter Building, Tony Monaco

Today’s luxury vinyl plank flooring provides the look and feel of hardwood floors, without the high-price tag and upkeep. Photo: Whitewater Imagery

Find durability and design in luxury vinyl flooring


While hardwood flooring maintains its popularity in residential buildings, factors such as maintenance and cost have recently influenced homeowners to choose more practical, durable options and luxury vinyl plank is top tier. Vinyl floors were first introduced to market in the 1930s but have evolved tremendously since then.


Today, luxury vinyl plank is the flooring of choice for builders and homeowners alike, due largely to its ability to give homeowners the look and feel of hardwood floors, without the high-price tag and upkeep.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring can be easily installed by homeowners, has the durability and cleanability of tile and is offered in a number of colors, textures and sizes.


Ideal for families with children and pets, this flooring option is waterproof, resistant to scratches, protected against sun damage and provides underfoot comfort, making it the perfect choice for any room inside the home.


This is the perfect time to go online and research what is available before deciding to buy. 

Amanda Baxter, President, Baxter Building Corporation,


Outdoor spring cleaning


This is a perfect project for you and an individual or for the whole family. Get your garden and landscape areas ready for the growing season with an early spring cleaning. Because winter's harsh weather leaves gardens and landscape areas littered with outdoor debris, the first step is to rake out dead leaves, fallen twigs and branches. Trim away dead foliage and broken branches from ornamental grasses, perennials and bushes. Be careful to clean your pruners every now and then to avoid the potential spread of disease and to promote the growth of healthy plants.


Apply fertilizer to give plants a healthy boost and consider a pre-emergent for weed control. Once the weather warms, and plants become available, add new plants to your garden or landscape that add color, then apply more mulch if most of it has blown or washed away. Be careful, however, not to pile mulch it up beyond an inch or two, or it could leave plants vulnerable to rot.

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