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Kingston Eats Veggies Campaign builds interest in local produce

Kingston Eats Veggies Campaign builds interest in local produce

Kingston’s Creating Healthy Schools and Communities (CHSC) is piloting “Kingston Eats Veggies,” a vegetable of the month campaign. From September through the end of November 2023, 46 partners in schools, early care education centers, restaurants, food pantries, and community organizations across Kingston are celebrating one or two veggies with taste tests, menu specials, educational activities and more! September’s veggie was peppers of all kinds, October hosted collard greens and kale, and November’s veggie is carrots.
Fresh vegetables are an expense for many families, so to ensure everyone can participate, CHSC coordinated with the Kingston Plaza Hannaford, food pantries and the Kingston Farmer’s Market to provide the featured veggie for free to patrons once a month. “Peppers are the veggie of the month at school and the farmer’s market? This program is brilliant, I never thought my son would come home talking about vegetables,” said one parent at the Kingston Farmer’s Market.  

This campaign emerged from a vegetable of the month program by Land to Learn, a garden-based education program teaching in two of Kingston’s elementary schools. CHSC helped expand this program to school meals, snacks, and optional educational opportunities in the classroom. “Now that it has expanded to reach sectors across the entire city, all community members can experience the veggies’ versatility across cuisines and maybe even try something new! With the goal of simply having fun with vegetables, it's easy for community members to participate in Kingston Eats Veggies, check out the participating locations at We welcome new business and community partners! Send us an email to let us know how you plan to be involved and we’ll add you to our list of participating locations.” said Ninette Warner, Creating Healthy Schools and Communities Coordinator with Cornell Cooperative Extension Ulster County, who can be reached at

“This project is supported with funds from the State of New York.”
Learn more about Kingston’ Creating Healthy Schools and Communities (CHSC) Initiative here

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Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) is a dynamic education system connecting Cornell's world-class research with regional and county-based educators and partners across the state. With a presence in every county and all five boroughs of New York City, CCE is uniquely positioned to tailor opportunities and resources to match the diverse and ever-evolving needs of individual communities across the state.

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ulster County (CCEUC) is a 501(c) 3 subordinate governmental agency of the State of New York under Article 5, 224(b) of the NYS County Laws organization that utilizes research-based knowledge through their partnership with Cornell University. This information is disseminated through their on-going community programming in the areas of Agriculture, Horticulture, 4-H Youth Development, Family and Consumer Science and Environmental programs held throughout Ulster County.

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