Embrace the Web!

Going online can help improve your child’s academic performance

Kids these days spend a good portion of their time tapping away on computers, surfing the Web, and messaging friends. Now they can use their home computers for much more. They can access online resources that can help them get ahead academically.

In these competitive times, many parents are seeking ways to help kids catch up at school, keep up and get ahead. They need to look no further than their computers for easily accessible and affordable learning resources. Indeed, children who regularly use computers perform better in school, according to research by The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which studied kids in 30 countries. The study revealed that students who used computers for more than five years scored well above average.

Here are several online educational resources and learning programs that kids can access from their home computer:

  • Reading Comprehension: Local libraries often have free online reading programs for children. To find out if your local library such programs go to www.publiclibraries.com.
  • Online Learning: When it comes to reading and math, online programs can deliver instruction and support any time, anywhere. For instance, the SCORE! Online Program (www.scorelearning.com), has more than 1,000 hours of fun lessons, delivered through a curriculum that adjusts to your child's changing skill levels.
  • Science, History and Art: Explore the world without leaving home. The Smithsonian, the national museum and education complex, offers two Web sites where children can play while learning. Visit www.si.edu/kids.
  • Current Events: Many news sites that adults visit are not necessarily kid-friendly. There are several news and current events sites geared especially for kids, parents and teachers, such as studentnewsnet.com and sciencenewsforkids.org.

(Courtesy State Point Media)