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Oldies but goodies

Classic party games that kids still love


As technology consumes every area of our lives, it’s easy to assume that kids’ tastes have gotten pretty sophisticated. But some things – like parties – just don’t seem to change too much. The party games we played when we were kids are still just as fun and exciting for kids today.


Here are a few of the classics to make your child’s next party unforgettable.

Pin the tail on the donkey

This game, in which blindfolded guests try to stick a paper ‘tail’ onto a poster of a donkey, has been around for ages. But it can be changed to fit any theme – for instance, pin the bee on the flower or pin the rocketship on the moon. Set-up is simple: draw the scene on a piece of poster board. Instead of a pin or tack, use double-sided tape for kids to attach the missing piece.

Drop the clothespin into a bottle

Not too many of us use clothespins anymore, nor are there the glass milk bottles we used to use, so you may have to make a few changes for this game. Try using a coffee can with a hole cut in the plastic lid (bigger for younger kids) to catch the clothespins.

Want some other game ideas? Stay tuned!
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