Backstage Mom gives advice

Backstage mom, Kelly Otero, offers these tips to future Cover Kid parents:

1.School takes priority. For Kelly, Dominick's education provides the foundation for the rest of his life. If he ever decides to pursue something else, he will still have good grades and an education to fall back on.

2.Don't pressure them too much. You might want to give your kids a nudge in the right direction, but read their signals and if you feel like the acting or the modeling isn't what interests them anymore, find out what does!

3.Give them 100% of your support 100% of the time. Kelly was surprised by the success Dominick has found through Cover Kids and The New York Talent Club, but even if Dominick struggled, she would support him all the way because she loves him.

We're also happy for Dominick and Kelly as he continues to pursue success! Your child can be on their way to stardom too! Hudson Valley Parent will be searching for their next set of Cover Kids on April 21, 2013 at the Newburgh Mall.