Former HVP Editor Karen Orloff pens a series of books

Hudson Valley Parent, Karen Orloff, author, children's books, Miles of Smiles, I wanna go home, I wanna iguana, I wanna new room
Karen Orloff, a former editor of Hudson Valley Parent, has gone on to become a successful author of eight children's books including the popular "I Wanna" series (I Wanna Iguana, I Wanna New Room and I Wanna Go Home). Her ninth picture book, Miles of Smiles, will be out next spring. She lives in the Hudson Valley and enjoys visiting local schools.

One of her newest books, I Wanna Go Home, is about Alex who is not happy about being sent to his grandparents' retirement community while his parents go on a fabulous vacation. What could be worse than tagging along to Grandma's boring bridge game or enduring the sight of Grandpa's dentures?

But as the week goes on, Alex's desperate emails to his parents turn into stories about ice cream before dinner and stickball with Grandpa. Before he knows it, Alex has made a surprising discovery: grandparents are way cooler than he thought!

I Wanna Go Home and other books by Karen Kaufman Orloff can be purchased locally at Merritt Books in Millbrook, Barnes and Noble, or through Amazon.com.