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Why you should invest in your skin health this winter

Be sure to keep up your daily routine

Why you should invest in your skin health this winter

If you’re like many people, you may view the change in seasons as a sign that you can give up your skin protection routine. Experts say that everyone, regardless of gender or lifestyle, should be careful not to neglect their skin health in winter.

“Don’t let your guard down in winter. Not only are you still being exposed to sunlight and pollution during these colder months, but there are sources of free radicals indoors, too, which may have negative, aging effects on the skin. Free radicals can damage the skin’s cell function and DNA, and DNA changes can cause mutations that could increase the risk of skin cancer,” says New York City dermatologist, Rachel Nazarian, MD FAAD.

To invest in your skin health this winter, and all year long, Dr. Nazarian offers the following tips:
  • Keep up the SPF routine: Don’t stow that bottle of sunscreen away. Applying a topical broad spectrum SPF on a daily basis can protect skin while you’re enjoying time outdoors, and from the incidental exposure that occurs through a window indoors, like while driving.
  • Get inside-out protection: While topical protection is important, ultimate skin health requires a combination of defensive layers. Amp up your skin protection routine with a daily supplement, such as Heliocare. Clinically proven and recommended by 87% of U.S. dermatologists surveyed, this vegan and gluten-free natural dietary supplement has antioxidant effects on the skin and contains Fernblock PLE Technology, a proprietary ingredient that aids in neutralizing the negative effects of free radicals.
“Whether you’re a ski bunny or prefer hibernating all winter, there is no time of year when your skin is immune to free radical damage. A popular skin concern, collagen loss, can create signs of aging, like wrinkling, fine-lines and sagging. Since collagen loss is expedited by free radical damage, taking a supplement like Heliocare all year long is an excellent precaution to help your body protect itself from the damaging effects of free radicals,” says Dr. Nazarian.

To learn more, visit heliocare.com.
  • Put the device down: Protect your skin from excessive exposure to the visible light emitted from digital screens like cellphones and laptops. To do so, find small, easy ways to limit your device usage, such as reading a physical book instead of using an e-reader, or by playing records instead of playing DJ on your phone. You can also reduce exposure by simply turning the brightness down on your devices.
  • Sleep tight: During sleep, your body works to repair organs, including your skin. Getting high-quality, deep sleep each night is essential for healthy skin and a healthy body. According to The Sleep Foundation, the best temperature for sleep is 65 degrees Fahrenheit, even in winter when it’s tempting to turn up the thermostat to toastier temperatures. You can also promote good sleep by keeping alcohol and caffeine consumption in check, and by turning to sleep apps that soothe users into slumber with meditation and white noise.
To help keep skin healthy and radiant, don’t neglect it in the winter months. For best results, ensure your care routine is both comprehensive, and year-round.

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