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I'm A Bad Mom and I'm OK With It!

Karen De Maio

bad moms

If you ever watched the comedic film Bad Moms starring actress Mila Kunis you will understand the premise of this week’s blog.  The plot of the movie involves a mother, Amy, played by Mila Kunis who is a perfectionist by nature. She meets other mothers who are overworked and under-appreciated and they form a pact to be “Bad Moms” ditching their structured lives for a little freedom and some self- indulgence. 

I, on rare occasions, admit to being a bad mom and thought I list the top ten reasons why I am.  Maybe you can relate. 

1.  I "borrow" (take and sometimes don't replace) money from my kid's piggy bank because I literally have no cash on me and do not want to lug two kids in and out of the car just for the ATM.  (I am being lazy)

2. Skipping pages during bed time reading because I want to get to bed quicker. 

3. I give into my daughter too much and let her buy the toy she is whining for at TJMaxx. 

4. I don’t give into my daughter and buy something only for myself at TJMaxx.

5. There have been occasions when I have ran out of peanut butter and my daughter has taken only a jelly sandwich to school for lunch. 

6. When I am too tired and at a loss as to what to cook we eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner.  (Hey, at least I added a little protein)

7. I will tell my husband I am running out quickly to get diapers at Rite Aid and "be right back."  But the being right back statement turns into a stop at the Dollar Store, Walmart and anywhere else in the direction of home. 

8. Sometimes I can’t find the matching infant sock, so I will borrow a pair of socks from the collection of doll clothes that my daughter has. (They fit him perfectly and at least they match)

9. Cleaning my daughter’s room consists of throwing out the little pieces that go to a board game, Lego set or even a Barbie accessory because I can’t be bothered to find what board game, Lego set or Barbie doll it goes to.  (I know I will pay the repercussions later when she goes looking for it)

10. Forgetting to wash a particular piece of clothing my daughter needs for her school uniform and digging into the laundry hamper for it and telling her I washed it when I didn’t.  (That is what Febreze is made for)

Those bad mom occasions are acknowledging that we need a little time to ourselves, that we are allowed to be tired and lazy, that we forget to do things because we have so many other things going on and we are still trying to figure out the right way that we want to parent.   It’s knowing that we are imperfect that gives us the confidence and ability to accept we are bound to have bad mom moments.  Those bad mom moments are what makes us good mothers in the end. 

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