I will be good to myself...

I am worth it.

getting healthy at any age

Many of us talk about making resolutions for 2016. I will lose 20 pounds. I will exercise at least 4 times a week. I will be nicer to people and not be so critical. Stop and think what are your resolutions.

The real question is how long do those resolutions last? The local gyms love us because we sign up for annual memberships. And we go for about a month, maybe two. Then kids’ activities, our husband or partners want us to attend company gatherings. You know the routine.

Before you know it we feel guilty. I don’t like giving up my Mounds Bar. I keep saying I will go to the gym tomorrow but tomorrow comes and I can barely open my eyes. In terms of not being critical of others, that has never been my strong suit.

is gluten bad for you

This is my struggle… what is yours?

I decided that 2015 was just too difficult for me. I am a diabetic who should be able to control my sugar through diet. Instead, I decided that rather than change my eating habits I would take Metformin, a medication my doctor suggested. Does this ring a bell for any of you?

I was okay for a while, but I just wouldn’t give up my Mounds Bar.

Also I was getting stomach cramps. Not a lot, but enough so that I couldn’t go to the gym because I was never sure when I really had to go to the bathroom. Off I go to the gastroenterologist. He finds nothing wrong, but makes some suggestions. Nothing works and I go back again. Still no concrete suggestions.

My doctor increases my Metformin pills because I am not keeping my sugar under control. (I really love my comfort food.) Then I really get sick. So bad that I decide to take myself off all medications.

get healthy with help of doctor

Three days later I am feeling better. But what now?

I determine that it is time to take responsibility for my body. My doctor recommends working with an endocrinologist to get my sugar under control.

Now I eat only protein and green vegetables. My sugar is coming down. I have lost 9 pounds in 3 weeks. And, most importantly, I am feeling better.

If you stop by the Newburgh Mall at 7:30am you may find me walking the mall.

weight loss tips for moms

I have no long term resolutions. I start the day in a happy mood by using my journal to write three things I am grateful for that day. You would be surprised how much that helps.

Tell me your story. What are you doing to be good to yourself? Email me at publisher@excitingread.com.