I found the best kept secret right out in the open here in the Hudson Valley

A fun little sculpture garden right on 17K

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Recently my husband and I drove on 17K from Montgomery to Newburgh, and we whizzed by the Polich Tallex Foundry - world renown for casting artist’s sculptures in metal.

“What are those sculptures we just passed,” I asked my husband? “Oh, they have been there for years, and we don’t have time to stop,” he answered. I said, “We have got to turn around.”

It was a Sunday, and no one was around so we walked up a side platform and were mesmerized by the size and scope of the sculptures we found. I later learned they are the works of the well-known American artist Frank Stella.

The foundry is now located at 453 State Route 17K in Rock Tavern. 

To view 36 photos of these intricately created and mammoth designed sculptures click here.

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