Dining Out: Clayton Delaneys in Chester

A Fine Dining Experience

Once a month, HVP reviews area restaurants so that our readers know which are "family-friendly" worthy for a "date-night," or both.  This month, our editorial intern, Chris O'Neill, takes over.

Clayton Delaney’s is one place you and your middle-school kids will actually agree on. Most of them hate fancy restaurants but Clayton Delaney's is the perfect choice. With a relaxing feel for them, and high-quality food for you, it couldn’t be better.
Suitable for families, those with 'tweens, and as a date-night choice.

Entering the restaurant, I immediately noticed the informal and cozy Western feel. 

We ordered two appetizers: the Buffalo wings (photo 1) and Nachos Chico (photo 2). The wings were tasty, with the right amount of sauce, but were no match for the Nachos Chico—a ‘tween favorite.

This big nacho dish was blanketed with sweet chili, cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce, and jalapenos. As “nacho enthusiasts,” we appreciated the perfect balance of chips to topping. They loaded up on the nacho toppings which covered every chip in this delectable blend. I was forced to show some restraint and save room for my entrée.
Entrée: I ordered the Sliced Sirloin Steak (photo 3) served on toast with mashed potatoes, mushrooms and onion gravy. Each bite seemed to melt in my mouth. My girlfriend chose the Open-faced Turkey Sandwich (photo 4) with a flavorful homemade gravy, gravy-sopped bread and mashed potatoes. She said the only problem was that she couldn’t stop eating. Though we tried our best to finish the main course, we had to throw in the napkin. (Those on restricted diets may want to request smaller servings, or a take-home container right from the start, or opt to share.)

We did, however, make room for dessert! My girlfriend loves their homemade rice pudding but thought this version’s consistency was a bit thinner than on a previous visit. I ordered the chocolate sundae, and even though I was ready to burst, I managed to finish the whole thing—it was that good.

We were warmly greeted and seated quickly; our orders were taken without much waiting. Our waitress was friendly, and at one point was sweet to caution us not to order too much since the dishes were generously-portioned. How right she was.

Clayton Delaney's Dining Saloon
44 Main Street, Chester

Chris O'Neill is an HV Parent summer editorial assistant. He loves to go out and eat.

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