Moms: What do your kids' dads do better than you?

We asked Hudson Valley moms: When it comes to parenting, what do your kids' dads do better than you? Here's what you had to say:

“Discipline. I'm definitely the ‘good cop.’ I would let my son get away with everything (very bad news). It's the pouty face, I swear!” — Meghann Quick, Rosendale

“He has the man voice to get them to listen the first time.” — Pamela Roe, Hyde Park

“Do pancakes equal parenting? If so, then my spouse is awesome at whipping up some Saturday morning flapjacks, while I sleep in for ‘just 5 more minutes.’ He's definitely more a morning person than I.” — Elke Rittger, Central Valley

“My husband is a stay-at-home dad mainly because he has much more patience than I. He can sit and play with the kids for hours doing the same thing over and over. He is happy with just being home with them for days in a row where I would be on the go all the time. — Kirstene Redding, Kerhonkson 

“Homework! I have no patience. Besides my husband is better with math.” — Silvana Kamakaloy, Newburgh

“Wrestling, and he’s way funnier than me.” — Elizabeth Stone, Kingston

“My husband has a really wonderful way of explaining things in simple kid terms.” — Roxanne Ferber, Saugerties 

“Play indoors and outdoors. He is able to focus and play with them down on the floor or running around outside. I just can help but try and do a million other things while ‘playing’ with them!” — Brianna O’Reilly, Marbletown 

“Patience. Weird, I always thought that would have been reversed!” — Melissa Sokota, Wallkill 

“Bath time for sure, wrestling, imaginary play and animal sounds.” — Lori Griffiths-Starr, Pine Bush

“Play dolls. I actually am not allowed to play because I don’t do the accents right (from Monster High).” — MariBeth Martinez, Poughkeepsie 

“Manual labor! As much as I do things around the house and they gain knowledge of those things through me, there is just something about a daddy teaching them how to fix something or daddy explain how things work. I just don't have the right set of patience for that stuff!” — Katie Stroud, Stormville

“Wrestling, playing dragons and dinosaurs. This mommy just can't roar like the boys.” — Linda Farney, Hopewell Junction

“He is waaay more patient and is much better at teachable moments.” — Katie Angel, Hopewell Junction

“My husband is much better at getting them to bed. I give in and let them stay up to snuggle with me.” — Sandy Butler, Hyde Park

“I have him when it comes to nursing, but he is home with our daughter all day, so he has plenty of experience taking care of her and does it very well. He can always get her to laugh, too. He is in charge of putting together all the toys. I have no patience for that.” — Natasha Lynn, Saugerties

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