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WEB EXCLUSIVE!! HV Parent Staffers Tell Their Camp Stories

It seems we all have some sort of summer camp story

We asked our HV Parent staff to give us their summer stories, the one that comes to mind.  Publisher Terrie Goldstein tell us her story:

"One summer at my camp in Winsted CT, it rained. And rained. And rained. In fact, that was the summer of a major flood. Our camp was lucky that it was located close to the top of a mountain region but the town of Winsted was not so lucky. Our camp owner was going to celebrate his son’s bar mitzvah with all of us at camp and so the previous week he had all the food trucked in. With no clean water to drink, chicken soup three times a day along with peanut butter and jelly that was provided by the Red Cross. All the food the owner trucked in was donated to the centers who were housing those who lost their homes. For many of them, I am sure it was the first time they experienced a catered Jewish dinner. Although it was a terrible disaster, for me, as a young kid it was an exciting time. "

From our Ad Rep, Roanne Patterson:

"When I was ten, at Camp Robin Hood, in Central Valley, NY, about 30 of us girl campers went on a major hike and I ended up with heat prostration. I was in the infirmary over a week with a fever of 104 degrees. Why am I telling this? I missed the most important event of the year – a dance with the local boys’ camp. For which I could hear the music from my sick-bed."
From our Ad Rep, Felice Feinberg:

"My brother and I went to day camp in Great Neck NY.  One day I was sitting on the bus waiting for my brother to get on, I noticed all the counselors running back and forth, they said someone had gotten their head stuck in a fence.  At that moment I knew it was my brother, so I got off the bus and went to see for myself.  Cut to the chase, they got him out of the fence, the only thing that hurt was the outside of his ear.  The ride home he slept on my lap, that is the quietest he has ever been, even to this day!!!

Another camp story:  My brother Philip was at camp playing baseball with his camp team, they won the game.  One of the campers through the bat in the air and it came crashing down onto my brother's mouth, breaking his front tooth.  Back then technology was not like today, he had years of problems with the tooth until things improved in the dental world.  Then the very next day my brother David was riding a big wheel down a hill and fell off, cracking his front tooth! My mom told me to stay in after that!"


From our Community Web Researcher, Kyle Meditz:

"When I was 11, I remember forgetting my bathing suit on a really hot day.  I had on overalls, and socks, and I remember just going in and swimming all day, fully clothed.  It was THAT hot."

From Editor, MJ Goff:

"Growing up in Brooklyn, our summers were spent mostly riding bikes in the neighborhood, digging in the dirt at the lot at the end of my block, or playing handball at the park.  But one summer, the local public school had a half-day summer rec program where we'd go for dodge ball (before it was taboo) or arts and crafts (remember the horse picture in foil?)  I remember learning how to play bumper pool -- my favorite game -- and the song, Getting To Know You, for the end of the season 'sing' (a talent show competition) held at one of the area schools."