Hudson Valley Parents keep an eye on their kid's social networking profile

Should parents do this?

A study performed by Bullguard internet security shows that 55% of parents “keep an eye” on their kids by checking their social networking profile. Are there better ways to communicate with your kids, is this an invasion of their privacy? Some parents say they have to do it to stay in touch with their teens.  Tell us what you think about “online snooping” at this stories post on our Facebook page. For more statistics on how parents keep an eye on their kids internet use read below. 

 You already know that 55% of parents check out their child’s face book page, but 5% more admit that they would if they knew how. 40% of parents regularly check their child’s status updates and 39% use the Facebook “wall” to see who their kids have been talking to. 29% look through tagged images and 24% of parents believe this is the only way they can really see what their child is up to.

Snooping is not limited to social networking either. 76% of parents say they check internet history to make sure they aren’t visiting inappropriate sites. 21% of parents check instant messaging history and 23% look through emails.