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Hudson Valley Parent Cover Kids Are Doing BIG Things!

Your kid can be a cover kid star

Over the years, Hudson Valley Parent cover kids --the ones who grace the covers of our magazine -- have gone on to do some amazing work in film, advertising, music, and TV.

Here is a sampling of the amazing work our Cover Kids have done throughout the years:

Raquel Ringgold
After being on the December 2013 cover of  Hudson Valley Parent Magazine, 15 year old Raquel's passion for the talent industry swelled. Raquel has been in multiple feature films and has modeled for many companies as part of New York Fashion Week. Raquel also has her own fashion blog, which has allowed her to work with major brands.

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Sophie Psaras

Since our 2014 Cover Kid Event, Sophie Psaras has been very busy working in films, television shows, and print ad campaigns. She has had leading roles in two short films, a PBS project, a television crime documentary, and a segment for the Katie Couric show.Her print works include campaigns for Toys R Us and Snuggie.

Ciara Grey

Teen Model Winner, Ciara Grey, stops for a photograph while filming on the set of "Diagnostic Love" in Kingston. This was Ciara's first film and she is now studying acting and modeling with the New York Talent Club (NYTC)!

Casey Ligi
After speaking with talent agents at our Cover Kid Event, Casey was cast in several films including "Lighthouse with a View," "Happiness is a Horse," and "Diagnostic Love." Casey is now working with a personal manager at the New York Talent Club (NYTC).

Dominick Otero

Kelly Otero had no idea when she signed up her 5 year old, Dominick, that she would be scouted by New York Talent Club and how has two feature films under HER belt! As for Dominick, he is now part of the Kids-On-TV program, a division of the New York Talent Club (NYTC).

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