Hudson Valley Mom Shares Water Birth Experience

We thank Antonia Kannengiesser, of Red Hook, for sharing her water birth experience and photos with Hudson Valley Parent.

(Antonia's difficult labor was helped along by a doula and, husband, Frank.)

("My husband, Frank, was incredible.")

Antonia's birth experiences for two of her three children were anything but traditional.
"I had a doula for my second child, and that was wonderful," she said.  "The doula is now one of my good friends.  She was there to massage my back, help encourage my husband, and was ready to prepare the birthing tub when I needed it."

Birthing tub?

Antonia said that being in the water instantly took pressure off her back and relieved the pressure of the stomach, and the water's natural floating movements were a labor-relief.  "The tubs come padded with an individual liner, so you're floating on something that's not been used before.  The bottom inflates so you're not on hard surface, and the water is heated and is kept at a temperature that's comfortable for mom." 

(Antonia, with Frank, and Luisa)


Antonia's water birth experience with Luisa has made a big impression on oldest daughter, 4 year old Sofi.  "I don't hide the birthing experience from my kids," says Antonia.  "It should not be hidden, or locked away, but rather it's a natural part of life."  She tells us the story of when her mother-in-law was visiting from Germany, and she and daughter Sofi were coloring. "What's that?" asked Grandma, to something Sofi had drawn.

"A placenta," Sofi replied, without blinking an eye. 

We love it!

Information on water births is provided throughout the Hudson Valley, and those looking for events and support groups can check out Waddle 'N Swaddle, and the Orange County Doulas.